Tuesday, February 7, 2012

T-Minus 2 days...

Well baby day should only be 2 days from now. We survived not going into labor during the SuperBowl - I even resisted holding a brand new baby on Superbowl Sunday just so that would not land us in the hospital! E was 5 days late and after my doctor appt yesterday it does not sounds like this baby is coming anytime soon. Now if we can just make it through my parents Marti Gras party on Saturday - there is a guest from Japan coming that is how big this party is! - then we'll be good to go!

This is how my conversations of recent have gone...

"How are you doing"
 Me - "Still pregnant"

"How are you feeling"
Me - "Round"

Can you tell I am slightly over this whole being 39.5 weeks preggo thing? My doctor said he would induce me today if I wanted but I told him I needed a medical reason not that I just did not want to be pregnant anymore. So we wait...

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