Monday, February 27, 2012

We survived!

Today was a big day in our house. I went back to the office officially - I had been a few times in the past two weeks to check in on some things but today was official.

I did not get up as early as I should have but no biggie. E had breakfast I got the bags organized with diapers, cups, snacks, nursing cover etc... Got everyone dressed, shoes on, bags plus bouncy seat, nursing pillow loaded in the car, babies loaded all only 9 minutes behind my target schedule! I was frustrated leaving the house but looking back that us pretty darn good for the first day!

E went to MMO no problems. R survived the first day at the office. I lugged more junk around than I thought possible - it does not help I work on the second floor but whatever. R was strapped in the sock otherwise known as the Beco - can we say lifesaver???

I know I will be investing in another bouncy seat or two - one for each place of work. Also in the coming weeks I will see if another pack and play is necessary. I hate to have lots of baby stuff in the one office I share with my boss because it's his office too. I'll have to see how that plays out.

Notes: I need to be dressed before the girls get out if bed.

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