Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes - How 'bout them Heels???? Edition

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa...}

{{While watching baseball and people get pelleted by foul balls}}

Me - I just don't like those
Lee - I'll protect you
Me - Yeah... sitting next to the guy who can catch a ball
Lee - You just gotta duck further than I duck Chicky

How about those Heels last night??? Yes I stayed up for the whole game. Yes The Mount was representing on the mound 8 1/3 innings - really was hoping he was going to finish out the game but very happy for the W.

--- 2 ---

Here's another one just because I love him so much!

Me - {giggling}
Lee - What is it?
Me - Nothing..
Lee - Are you doing some vicious blog post?
Me - {giggling}
Lee - I guess I'll find out some time

--- 3 ---
So I really have been mum on this pregnancy for no particular reason other than my kids who I see every day give me a run for my dinero so #3 can keep kicking away at all hours of the day and night and that is nothing to the humor/joy/stress/laughs I get out of the girls.

Ultrasound next week... Lee is 90% likely not to come and I have seriously debating bringing E. I think she would enjoy it but it is during her rest time - she could totally power through it though. She came to this ultrasound when I was pregnant with R and it was HORRIBLE. Now I cannot imagine bringing R with me to this one. I was crazy.

Still have not gained any significant weight - definitely under the 10 lb mark at 21.5 weeks which is fine for me as long as the doctor says its fine. I'm sure I'll find out next week... I am really excited about the ultrasound. I am hoping I have the nerve NOT to peak to see if baby is a boy or girl. NOT looking forward to that glucose test and still trying to devise a way out of it. Thinking that this baby is probably a girl just because we have two already but I have some fantastic pregnancy acne which I don't think I had before so that's my only holdout for boy.

--- 4 ---

How about the weather? These past 10 days have made me wish we had a basement! Seriously? Tornado warnings north and south of us - we are talking a few miles. 

E watching it rain after we finally put her in bed while we waited out the bad weather. Oh and she got a new umbrella and has been taking it to school everyday... even though its not raining!!!

--- 5 ---

E FINALLY did her ballerina puzzle all by herself. I'm all about puzzles but for a few months she had it in her head that she needed help with this one. One night I told her she had to figure it out or just go to bed because I was tired... guess what? She figured it out. 


And then proceeded to do her ballet 'moves' around it. 

--- 6 ---
So... about this photo collage thing... I could not post anything because good ole Papa reads the blog-o. So My inspiration is something like this.

Courtesy of Pinterest.... I love things to be equal and even and matching... Yes SLIGHTLY OCD about it. But you know my favorite collages are the ones that none of the frames match. So ran with a gold and black theme because the only 8x12 frame I could find was solid black. I need some vision... and some creative twist and probably more pics because the wall I am going to put this on is massive. 

                                    x                                                                                     x            

This is how OCD I am... I measure the wall height and length. Made a canvas in Photoshop then resized all my pictures to the size they would be printed to and this is what I came up with. Sorry for the white background. Probably not going with something like this after everything I have seen on Pinterest  but a math person does NOT need to be doing this kind of thing!

--- 7 ---
{Here's to R's walking status (or non-status : )

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the girl is a walker!!!! Oh my goodness. I am so happy for her. R is full blown walking like a mad woman. Bobbing and weaving and stepping around things and people and not falling over. She is/will be a much happy TODDLER for it. We were over at my MILs for our normal Thursday dinner (yeah it was pretty darn good - per the usual) and E and R were having a BLAST and a half just walking around and carrying their babies. I LOVE it so much seeing them together. I had to tell E not to hold R's hand because E would got slow at first and then power walk which R was not up for... yet.

Ahh.... nostalgia! Just a another milestone. My first big milestone is teeth. As soon as the girls got their first tooth I lamented to Lee that they weren't babies anymore (clearly they were and are and will be my babies) BUT still that's the first thing for me. Walking is the 'official' toddler milestone so I guess it is safe to say we have a 3 yr old, toddler and baby on the way.

Speaking of toddler this one is talking up a storm too here's a few...

Nani - which I think she means Night-night or Nini - sorry Nani : )
Cow - last night we stopped (and got out of the van of course and admired the cows and R belted that one out first time)
Bubble - she loves bubbles

I know she is saying more but the girls will be calling so I need to shut this one down

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  1. I love the idea of photo collages but I am so not one to be able to do them. Also, I love that Lee calls you chicky ;)

    1. Yeah the photo collage kinda stresses me out... LOT! Lee is so great! I believe Chicky is a reference to some Andy Griffith episode : )