Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Best 6.9.13

I can't get into the what we/I wore link up... especially being pregnant and not fitting into my maternity clothes because some tops are too big (which I guess is a good problem to have). So you'll just have to suffer through our Sunday Liturgical Antics instead.

We did our 6:30 (yes that is AM folks) departure. Makes our Sunday morning much more manageable/less stressful. Did the whole bagel and cream cheese thing in the hall upon arrival. Just dressed we were ready.

Sorry R is still rear facing... but I promise she is there : ) 

Church was pretty crowded this morning so we were forced from our normal quick escape seats to right up front. E&R both did fairly well through the first half of Liturgy. Papa did have to take R out for the homily which is nothing new.

E has this thing where she likes to put her feet on the end of the chair and slouch. Totally inappropriate and we/I am trying to break this habit. But she is wearing some sort of leggings or shorts or tights so it is not a major crisis for sure. She did sing some today which always makes my day. We only had two trips to the potty this week and no announcement of things to come (thank goodness). I tried letting her sit by herself while I stood in the back with R during part numero 2 but that just involved standing/sitting stuff that I did not like the looks of with the priest's youngest daughter. So I interjected and she was forced back to the back with R and I. She does better if I have hawk eyes on her. I don't like giving her free passes at stuff at church because then it sets the standard of below-standard. Anyway, she behavior was significantly improved from last week.

R contained her crawling on the germ-free floor to the back 20% of the church - only potentially bothering 4-5 people (which was maybe 10%) - that is acceptable to me. She sat well outside the bathroom while I helped E - I won't let her come in the bathroom with us; the floors creep my out especially bathroom floors. She did not have a scream-fest that require Narthex door closing (we spent 20-25 minutes with that last week). She only handed me a few dirt-a-lee-dirts off the floor and did not even try and eat them.

So this week was vastly improved over the last. I think that if we had pews the girls would be much more contain-able because the boundaries would be clear; pews are not the tradition of Eastern Catholic churches and we are lucky to have chairs - chairs were (and still are in some churches) reserved for women and the elderly.

Then there was a council meeting after church and the girls got to play on the playground. I think this weekend was the first time I really 'looked pregnant' so all the people who missed our announcement a month ago were in for a shock - there were L&D discussions for awhile while the girls played. Playing continued on over at their cousins house. We actually made it through dinner time there - and we were prepared to leave a the drop of a dime if either one was losing it. We really need to see our cousins often because they are 2.5 seconds away from church and, well, who does not love cousins? Also, I experienced Costco for the first time ever. Steps aside Sams Club - oh wait, we live in the Mount : )

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