Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Best 6.23.13 and other musings

I have a bit of a weekend recap plus I think I owe it to the girls to let the world know that church on Sunday was 1000% more manageable than normal - even though I have not seen any Sunday church behavior posts so whatever... I'm doing it anyways.

Saturday we traipsed up to Raleigh for a wedding - that's after we got on the highway and realized we forgot my dad's Fathers Day present and whipped around to get it! E waffled on whether or not she wanted to stay with Grammy and make cookies or come to the wedding and eat cake. She decided on cookies. After a brief lunch stint at my parents (my mom had sandwiches already made in case we ran out of time) Lee and I were off to the Hill for the wedding. It was so nice to see a million people from Newman (where I went to church while at UNC but also made a ton of friends). There were a million kids there too so then I felt bad that E was not there - but then I got over that pretty quick! Reception was great. Actually got to talk to people and catch up. Get the scoop on jobs, next weddings etc etc.

The point I want to make about the wedding is this. Msg. Wall in his homily said this, "In order to love, you have to be loved." How profound is that? Or maybe I'm the only one... but seriously. Think about it. Now think about all the kids/people out the who do not experience love.

Okay for some less heavy stuff. Sunday morning we woke up to egg bake and crumb cake - I wish I had the A. Energy to cook like my mom and B. the patience to learn how to cook like my mom. I can knock out the egg bake but I need to get this crumb cake figured out because it is AWESOME with a cup of coffee (yes I drink coffee while pregnant) and its not too sweet.

We made it out the door on time to church. I got eaten up by mosquitos in the parking lot getting the girls dressed. Then we rolled the dice inside.

E only went to the potty one time before Liturgy started. She sat down more than I would have liked but that's fine. She sang parts of the songs in between litanies. I think there was only one crisis before the Gospel which was manageable. She helped get the basket around with the other girls. We stood in the back for parts 2nd half of Liturgy - which was fine because then I can sort of tell her what's going on. Then she was fine. And she did not even make a mess of the blessed bread like she did last week. Significant improvement I tell you

R - now fully walking - had a fantastic time a church. First she was walking over a .5 in step up in the floor and went airborne. She sat in her chair some and threw around icon cards - still trying to figure out if they are worth bringing in. She and E traded their bible/Liturgy books. She did get taken outside by a super nice lady - I mean outside the building - it was a little hot so I think R enjoyed the fresh air. She crawled and walked around but did not go too far up to the front. She walked in circles during the Anaphora (but was pretty quiet). She did have a minor meltdown towards the end but nothing like the head banging screaming fits of weeks past. She also tried swipe a check or two from the offertory but I took care of that : ) so she was a million times better than normal. Let's hope we have a new norm.

Back to my parents house for Father's Day lunch/dinner. E had a blast with Uncle Kevin. The food was great. The girls and I took naps. E got to play in the sprinkler. We all ate blueberry pie (did I mention I need to inherit some of her baking skills?). We packed our stuff, E did not want to leave, and we all left.
Color coded bags... Makes my life just a tad bit easier. 

Seeing our normal-ish / manageable size pile of luggage made me think in the car. How is baby #3 going to effect our overnight stays? Will we get invited to stay overnight (the answer is yes we will - probably) BUT Will we want to stay overnight? Who knows... We stay at my parents house probably - on average once a month. Some months its a few nights and others it is none. What will Christmas look like? We have done Christmas morning at my parents since... hmmm... a long time. Will we do it this year? What will Christmas be like with a 2 month old? And a 22 month old? And a 3.5 yr old? What about Thanksgiving?

Before I had time to delve into the ins and outs of that holiday I hear the most fantastic noise coming from the back of the van. E and R screaming with delight.

The sisters latest game : ) 

Then I realize that A. it will all work out and B. that as long as the kids are happy and Lee and I are maintaining our sanity then it does not matter.

In other news, E has a dentist appointment today - which I seriously considered canceling. I mean if all you do is count her teeth again I'm not going back for a year.

AND we are breaking down and getting a swingset. I found a really good deal on a really nice one (and it comes installed so Lee is 1000% in favor of it). We can add on to it down the road if we want. I kind of stubbled across it because I had written it off for next year. But Lee and I have been talked about having a pig picking this fall and with the potential number of kids that may or may not come, a swingset would be crucial. So I perused the few really good places, made some phone calls and I think we are making a good decision. I'll post some pics when it goes up.

FINALLY, if you haven't stopped reading yet... I had a dream last night Lee and I were doing some crazy gender reveal party thing and the baby was a boy. I guess I could find out Thursday but even if I did, I doubt I'd tell : )

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