Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'll Take One of These...

Okay apparently I'm way behind on the times and have no idea what the obsession/fad/thing is with the "Keep Calm and...".  Sorry I don't get out much and have no idea what goes on in pop culture so feel free to clue me in.

Well any-who... I LOVE this onesie and I think I might just get one. Kinda disappointed baby numero 3 and I won't be able to participate in the Big Latch this year... this baby needs to bake well into October or early November. R and I did last year - maybe this baby will still be nursing come time for Big Latch 2014. If you are a nursing mom and can participate... Totally recommend it. Nursing moms who are complete strangers always have a MILLION things to talk about so get out and socialize at the very least : )

Maybe I'll even giveaway a onesie or toddler shirt away just to support the cause... Anyone up for it?

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