Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Best 6.2.13

Let's just say I'm so glad Grace has created an outlet for comical experiences with kids at church and sharing them. Seriously, she has been rating her kids Mass behavior for weeks and I can totally relate.

This week was special because we had to go to Raleigh's mass (there were three men ordained priests - which is kind of a whole lot for that diocese) ordination mass yesterday so we were going two for two in terms of good behavior at church - and is probably the reason why we did NOT make it to the newly ordinated Fr. Elder's mass today - 3 liturgies in 2 days.... hello Holy Week! More on that later this week

Anyways today at church started well for the first 2.5 minutes. R sat in a chair and E was standing up ( we don't have pews - sometimes I think when we go to a Roman Catholic church the shenanigans are contained a bit better). R had her bow, shoes and one sock off before the first litany. Then E and R started freaking out because she wanted E's book. So we head to the back. She proceeds to start handing me dirt particles on the floor - nothing out of the ordinary.

E comes bounding back and forth until she finds the 'right' Liturgy book. I try to remind her to walk in church. R is crawling forward and I drag her back. We go out in the Narthex when the antics get really loud. I am just hoping I can hold out to until the homily because Papa is NOT preaching.

We make it. I pass R off to Papa. E has been more or less doing okay. So I sit with her. Then we have to go to the potty. Go back to the chairs. Potty again - with a few choice words from E that detailing what will happen (or not) in the potty. Seriously. About. To. Lose. It. Can I not have 10 minutes of peace? NOPE. I forgot I have kids. Every mom with little kids at church tells me that.

We get back to the homily. Got my take home point I might reflect on in another post. Then it was over. R was passed back to me and Liturgy continued. E helped the girls pass the basket. I have my checkbook this week so I avoid E freaking out like she did last week because we did not have our money. Priest's wife asks if she can take an unhappy R. Yes definitely. She's a saint.

E again announces she must go potty with some unnecessary details for the people close by. We spend the greater part of the 2nd half of Liturgy in the bathroom. We do make it out for the Our Father. I get R back after Communion. She is biting my shoulder and thinks its hilarious - and after everything that's gone down today I think its pretty funny too.

Then the priest has to make a 5 minute announcement and preempts by saying 'if you have kids that need to get out or run around outside, please take them out.' And the Kibbe's bow out after one of our finer liturgical experiences.

Don't think I'll ever have any pics of our church antics but sometimes I wish I could give you a visual.

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  1. My older kids started being good at Mass once they were about three and were easily bribed with the promise of a candy after Mass if they were good. Toddlers are so so so hard (and funny!) I used to look at families with a few kids that behaved perfectly and thought we would never get there, and then we did! And then we had another baby! But I know we'll be there in a year or so again. Mass when they were all little was just a big sweat fest for me. What a workout and exercise in humility!

    1. The 3 yr old did amazing last week then slipped into her 2 yr old-ness today. I think 12-18 months is the more difficult times to take a kid to church. Doesn't mean they shouldn't go... just parents be warned!

  2. ha! the priest really said that? Hmm -- well know that you are in the BEST company over here in Patton land!

    thank you for linking up!!

    1. yeah... he did. I think of you and your three and then I wonder how I would possibly manage them without help. I am hoping R will get with the behavior program before this next baby comes around otherwise its gonna be a LONG advent. our priest has said that Lee should take a weekend off each month and not serve as a deacon to just sit with us or sing in choir...

      SO GLAD that you made this link up... now all you need is a sweet logo/link button with a fantastic Bash pic or cartoon on it : )

  3. Visiting from Camp Patton, impressed your older daughter would sit alone for awhile.
    Happy to found your blog!

    1. Welcome! E can be really 'mature' for her age... Probably helped she was sitting in front of the priest's family and I had hawk eyes on her from the back area : )