Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - It is pay day Friday Style

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa...}

I am sure Lee said something funny this week I just didn't write it down so I am going to fill in with the fantastic logical of my OB

Me - I don't want to take my glucose test (etc etc etc)
Dr - Well your first was 6/13 and your second was 7/10 so you are on track for an 8 or 9 lb baby
Me - I am all about 6 or 7 lb babies but that still does not change the fact I don't want to take the test
Dr - But you are trending towards a big baby
Me - Yeah, and if I had 8 or 9 kids that means that they'd be 14 or 15 lb babies...

--- 2 ---

On the topic of the doctor - sorry I just went yesterday... my doctor scored major points because we compromised and he let me take the glucose juice home! He asked me what my problem was with the test  (no base line blood reading before drinking the mess and high percentage of false positives) and among other things I said I have to be here at 8 am and I have two kids. So after I after asked him what happens if I just didn't show up and that I am the patients and I did not think I should have to negotiate - though I will for the baby's sake - he proposed the bring the drink home and come in at 9. BAM! His nurses were shocked and the lab tech (who is awesome) couldn't believe it. Score one for me, people!!!

Saving it for a raining day... aka my glucose test day!!!

--- 3 ---
Okay last baby topic take. Had the ultrasound and I PROMISE and I did not see any evidence of boy or girl. Tech said (of course) she knew. So that makes me lean towards girl because it should be pretty easy to spot a boy, right? Well I have been leaning towards a girl since.... forever, so I had best get on board with this girl name, right? : )

Like mother, like child : ) I totally don't like having my pic taken too, little one

--- 4 ---

On the similar doctor vain.... How about E had a dentist appointment this week. Not a problem. 30ish minutes late getting pulled back. Hygienist brushes her front teeth with the world's most expensive non-electric toothbrush. Brush same teeth with sonic toothbrush and a DAP of toothpaste. Flosses a few teeth. Wait 3 minutes for the dentist. Dentist looks at teeth and bite. Hygienist puts insta-dry fluoride on her teeth. E gets 3 stickers. Check out. Bill.... $126!!!! I looked at the lady and said this is the rate for people who are paying in full because they don't have dental insurance. Yes ma'am. Me - Last time it was $70. Lady -Right well its $125. Me - That is more than I pay at my dentist. 

E's toothbrush and toothpaste... Grrrrrrr

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!??!?

Still trying to figure this out. 

A. From time in chair to time out of chair is approximately 5 minutes. That breaks down to a little less than .50 per SECOND!!!!!!!!! and they did not even do ANYTHING
B. I am still fuming
C. My kids are NOT going to a peds dentist every six months. Maybe, maybe once a year. 
D. Let's not get me started

--- 5 ---

R is starting to get over her fear of water outside and to show off dumped shovel fulls of sandy water on her head. Let's just say bathtime was not a pleasant experience for her.

I have been trying to figure out why the dirt and sand WON'T come out of her outfit. First wash sprayed it with Shout. 


That's what came out after wash one. Wash load two, Tide Pod on stain and presoak cycle. There was improvement but FAR from acceptably clean. So now I am going to go with Oxiclean and/or Clorox 2. Very perplexed by my stain situation.

--- 6 ---
This kid is definitely a Southern Belle. She begged for more "cheeees" aka pimento cheese. It is my first batch of the summer and could have used a bit more cayene pepper but it is still really really really good.

--- 7 ---
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  1. Those glucose tests are horrible. I'm quite shocked, too, that you were allowed to take the liquid gold (it seems as far as doctors are concerned) home.
    I love the 3D ultrasounds. Sadly, I'm old and had my babies after that was a fairly common thing.
    The dentist bill is crazy. We have never bothered with a peds dentist. Our kids just go to the same one we do.
    Oh, the sand in the hair and clothes...Fun while it lasts, but a disaster trying to remove it!