Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Its Monsooning Outside Style

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Lee - {reading his book after I just read him part of a post I was reading}You know, I could do a column for the blog
Me - Yep
Lee - It would not have to be specifically church related. You could come up with a list of topics and I could write about them. You know I can critique anything
Me - Right...

All in favor of Lee's column? Y'all'd best be coming up with these topics : )

--- 2 ---
E - Papa there's a blue digger
Papa - Yep... Its a digger
E - ... When you get a new digger, you need a PINK digger!!!
Papa - I don't think Papa would look good in a Pink digger. Maybe a yellow digger or a blue digger
E - I like pink diggers
Papa - I think pink diggers would need a custom paint job

Maybe next week I can came up with 7 quotes from Papa just for Father's Day... The girls and I have already cooked up one thing and I still have to order another. I've got to go get Father's Day cards - ehem..... and then get the girls to 'sign' them ehem..... and maybe just maybe Papa can get the girls to 'sign' my Mother's Day card ehem.... BECAUSE I DID NOT GET A CARD FROM THE GIRLS AND IT IS SITTING ON THE COUNTER AND I'M PRETTY SURE THAT IS THE ONE SINGLE THING THAT I ASKED FOR FOR MOTHER'S DAY... ehem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--- 3 ---
R has this thing for my iPhone... She loves to play with it, mess with it, eat it. Thanks to the OtterBox and the password protect I thought it was safe until this week. Somehow the girl managed to press/tap the the locked phone into playing iTunes - I guess this is a normal feature that I could not activate if I tried. Anyhow... Don't Stop Believing came on and R started this bopping/swaying thing and E started dancing. It was fantastic! Then somehow she skipped the songs forward and back and some... ehhmmm... not-so-Journey-like songs came on that I listen to while running and the phone was promptly silenced... whoops!

--- 4 ---

Oh Williams-Sonoma why do you tempt me? Got this in the mail the other day and had this flash of craving for all the fun summer drinks that I will not be fully indulging in...

--- 5 ---

E is, now officially as of this morning, allowed to wear undies to bed tonight. We/me said she had to keep her diaper dry for 7 days - and we've been doing the countdown and going potty every 2.5 seconds between 7:30 and 9. She has been staying up later every night this week and I think she is excited/nervous about keeping her diaper dry. Well we'll see how this diaper-less night goes and hopefully we won't hear - "wet, wet, wwwet". Though if it is not tonight, I am there will be some accidents : ) 

--- 6 ---
And this is what our afternoons looked like before the monsoon we are experiencing today...  Did I mention R HATES the sprinkler?

E was thrilled to discover she could make a 'baby' sprinkler

--- 7 ---
{Here's to R's walking status (or non-status : )

I think R made it 4 steps this week. She does this crazy hug the wall thing and it is awesome but as soon as she feels uneasy - she hits the floor.

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