Friday, June 21, 2013

How I earned my Friday

Stayed up entirely too late last night watching the Tarheels baseball game so I was dragging a bit this morning. Managed to get out of the house with very little crisis to speak of.

Talked to a mom in the parking lot after dropping the girls off - we bonded over going to the same OB practice. Being pregnant gives you so much to discuss with other pregnant women its insane. You start telling these women you have met for a hot minute details you normally would not delve into... you know?

Work.. Man. Cliche but totally TGIF. I earned my Friday dealing with stuff and stuff and more stuff...

In the car home:
E - You don't need the air conditioning on...
Me - Why?
E - Its kind of cold-ish
Me - Oh
E - Its kind of warm-ish outside
Me- Okay

Lunch is great because R is usually asleep and E and I just get to talk. She licked all the hummus off her pita and then tried to convince me she needed to dip her pita into the hummus 'jar' - negative ghostwriter. I introduced her to PB and banana. Let me tell you the preggo-nose did not approve of the tunafish/garlic hummus/banana/PB odors wafting from the kitchen... so I cleaned up in stages.

E did not sleep during her rest and I am presently paying the price for that. I did not think much of it until about 15 minutes ago when she started melting down during dinner.

R got up and loaded up on some nana and crackers (aka graham crackers). I asked E to move the wet clothes into the dryer (aka the clean washer) and bam it was done. I had this moment of 'oh wow she actually did it. things will get easier.' Then I rounded up some spare change and thanked her for her services.

We had a nice walk around the neighborhood. We did sprinklers and sandboxes. Hung out with Papa for a minute. Took sink baths. Ran to get the pizza. Dominos delivers but come now its not the same. E announced that she did not want spinach. Talked to a guy in line who thought the girls were about the same age. 3 and 16 months don't seem to qualify as the 'same' but whatever. He has kids 11 months apart and said 'that's the way to go'. Right well good thing I don't think he realized I am pregnant : )

Everyone at the pizza place was prepared to help us make our exit. Next time I shall consider it because the parking lot walk was the only issue. Good thing a nice lady insisted on walking us 100 ft to the van and promptly announced she could not wait to be a grandma. : )

R ate and was whisked away to bed. E began the meltdown over the 2nd piece of pizza because the cheese was not 'sticking' to the pizza. She was scoffing at it. I told her she needed to eat it or be done eating. After about 3-5 minutes of scoffing and no consumed pizza I put it in the frig. {Enter meltdown mania}

Screams over wanting to eat the pizza, finish her milk, {running and banging into frig}, screaming while trying to eat her vitamins, {getting dragged to bathroom to wash hands and brush teeth}, screams, loses a vitamin down the sink, more screams, {dragged to bed} refuses to put on pajamas

I am waiting this meltdown out with her door closed. Wondering how in the world she and R are going to share a room. I mean I know they will and I guess she and R will just have to meltdown in front of the other and keep the other up? It is a mystery the logistics of everything but I cannot worry about it too much.

The good thing about E and her meltdowns are she is very emotional and you cannot talk to her until she has gotten the meltdown out of her system or she realizes she has another crisis to worry about (currently she is worried about not having her Nini - I am not withholding it, it just was not in her room when the meltdown started). Once she has moved on, she is relatively normal again and you can at least reason with her. It will be interesting to see how R's meltdowns go and how they need to be handled because I think different kids have different modes/outlets for meltdowns and of course there are thousands of theories about how parents should deal with them.

Anyways enough of the philosophical junk. I had a good day and I'm not letting this meltdown get in my way!

Going in with the Nini : )

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  1. Great post. This 3 yo age is meltdown central.

  2. I almsot called you after to vent a bit... but then I ate some cookie dough : )