Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Best 6.16.13

Happy Father's Day to all the Papas out there... Or as E would say 'Fod-ders Day'

Part of Papa's Father's Day present... Framed photos for a photo collage...

We were slightly late departing this morning due to E chasing Papa around with his "Fod-ders Day card." We still made it in plenty of time to gas up and determine we are going to put 20K on the van within a year of owning it and eat breakfast.

Yet again I forgot our icon cards and children's bible and children's Liturgy book. Minus points for me. The girls were pretty manageable up until after the homily then it was normal unsettled antics.

E was a helper and turned on all the lights when we got into church but then announced as Liturgy was starting that she needed to go potty. She ran to the back several times to get books and handouts. Totally melted down before the Gospel claiming she needed to go potty; I told her she had to wait 2 minutes until after the Gospel reading which did not end well. Get into the bathroom and says she doesn't need to go. Tell her she is not having good behavior and is losing her cookie after church. Tears. Screams. The Works. Papa takes over during the homily. E helps get the basket passed for the offertory. Then sits with the priest's family - not good. Distraction (she is that is). We all go out with R as both are screaming. Priest's wife takes R (she is a saint I tell you). E and I stand in the back and practice how we should behave at church. Bowing and crossing ourselves at the right time in order to win back the coveted cookie. She belted out parts of the Our Father and sang parts of the Communion song which she was highly praised for. After our last 1/3 of excellent behavior, she totally made a massive mess of the blessed bread we get following Liturgy - so she and Papa had to clean it up.

R was neither significantly better or worse than last week. She did get annexed to the Narthex for several minutes with E post-homily. She is such a mover and shaker and into everything and instead of touching and pointing to icons on the walls she wants to manhandle and beat them - which is kind of cute. I did not have an trash passed to me from the floor today - thank goodness.

Next week I'm bringing a fence.

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  1. Pop up fences for church sound like a million dollar idea!