Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Things I Love of Recent...

I have soooo many other cositas (things - people, en espanol, claramente) I would/need to post on but I just cannot help myself.. sorry no pics.

--- 1 ---

Kicking it back to Papa being first...

Love that we are on the same page about needing to simply (aka) not have 100 million puzzles and crayons and stuffed animals. Don't worry this policy would NEVER apply to his book collection : ) 

--- 2 ---

Love taking my girls to school (and M to work)

This week on "old MacDonald's farm" there was a quail and a truck... Clearly the truck goes vroom, vroom, vroom but a quail?!?!?!? Thank you preschool... So the conversation went like so...

Me- And on that farm he had a...
R - Cow!!!
Me - We already did cow (for the 10th time.. she loves cow)
E - Quail
Me - ... Ohh... what sound does a quail make?
E - Whistle
Me - Whistle? 
E - YES!
Me - Whistle, whistle, whistle

So I totally did not believe her so then I ask her teacher and in fact quails whistle using the feathery things on top of their heads... Who knew? 

--- 3 ---

Love listening to E talk to her 'friends' - the imaginary ones

E - {Something something something} Santa Claus
Me - Who are you talking to?
E - Oh my friends over here
Me - Who is Santa Claus?
E - Don't know...
Me - Me too
E - He's probably a saint or something
Me - No, no St. Nicholas is a saint
E - {Begins to list off things she is 'thinking' about giving St. Nicholas}

Can't imagine what else they talk about

--- 4 ---

Love listening to R and all her new words and phrase {that she SHOUTS}

Most favorite of all....

R - I love you
Me - I love you
R- I love you
Me - I love you too
R - I love you tooo
Me - I love you
R - I love you
Me - I love you tooo
R - I love you!!!!!

Her vocab has totally increased since M came home - or at least it seems like it has - but that does not stop her from screaming about stuff/everything...

--- 5 ---

I love that M's umbilical cordy thing FINALLY fell off

Seriously one of my least favorite parts of having a newborn is A. cleaning the cord with alcohol every night and B. Looking at the cord remnants. I have a memory of seeing my brother's cordy thing when he was a newborn so I have been scarred since I was 2.5 years old... 

--- 6 ---

I love that M is not (has not been) overly needy at night which means that I am able to get a good amount of sleep. 

It helps that we retire to our nursery quarters early... Lee claims we went to bed before 8 last night but I don't know if I 100% believe him. M will sleep for a good 3.5-4.5 hour first stretch and then up in 2-3 hours and then up every hour until 6:30 or 7. Totally manageable. 

I think the ambulance and firetruck at the neighbors house at 4:15 this morning kept me up longer than M did... Then we sleep in until 6:40... It was awesome. 

--- 7 ---

I love that we have such a great support system of family/friends/work/church/preschool that make our family go around. 

No one said raising a family was going to be easy, nor did we expect it to be, but we have been surrounded by people who love, support, challenge and help our family function and grow. It is truly amazing and we know we are very blessed

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