Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Favs - An Update of Sorts...

My thoughts are swirling so you have some pretty rand-o's today. 

1. MMK

And you thought we might be having a boy...

Silly people. She's a cutie who looks so different from the other girls. M has a really skinny minnie face and hardly any hair. I'll save all the juicy birth story deets for the this week's edition of the QTs.

2. Kibbe Family Party of 5

Now just try and wrap your mind around that!

And I thought I had a pic of that but... anyways.

3. Support 

Lee and I have had to do very little in the E&R and meals department thanks to Jibbe - who rocked it out with the girls all day Sunday + the usual over-the-top cooking - did I tell you I got a keeper the MIL department, Grammy and Grandpa and Uncle Kevin brought lasagna and chocolate cake and outside running around entertainment and Grammy is coming back to hang out with us - on her birthday. Don't worry we have adequately decorated her card and I just need to round up some flowers. 

4. Advent

The Philip's Fast (aka Advent in the East) is fast approaching (Nov. 14). This year I would like to do one thing SIMPLE each week as a family to prepare ourselves for Christmas. It really does not have to to be complicated - nor can it be - come on there's a bebe in the house. Maybe talk about it starting Sunday/Monday and have it completed by the following weekend. So ideas people... I have a few...

1. Operation Christmas Child - I think loading up a shoebox for another kid there age is a reasonably teachable point.

2. St. Nicholas Day - We'll be celebrating this again... Here was 2011 and 2012. We'll keep the standard terms of giving toys/clothes to St. Nicholas in order to receive something - E was super interested in the candy last year. She is not so sure about giving stuff to St. Nicholas for him to take to other kids - BUT she needs to learn to live with less AND our house is exploding with toys and clothes.

I need four other ideas. It can be crafty... anything. I would love to volunteer at a soup kitchen but clearly out of the question. Maybe we can go shopping for the Food Bank or InterFaith Food Shuttle?

Other notes: We'll definitely be singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel - often - because I happen to L-O-V-E that song in especially in Latin. I have toyed with the idea of an Advent wreath - which are not really traditional in the Eastern Catholic Churches BUT would be a very visible reminder to the girls it is Advent and lighting the 'darkness' until Christmas. Lee actually has a 6 candle wreath with could pull down if he was on board.

I found Catholic Icing - which I have perused for ideas but I'm always open for things that are tried and true.

5. Rugs

My mission for the next... well whenever I get around to it is finding some rugs for the kids kitchen and coloring areas. I am thinking I could find a cute black and white checkerboard rug for each space and would eventually tie into the tile in the laundry/mudroom area whenever that project happens. The banging of wooden food and the slipping and sliding on the wood is getting... hmmm... not funny any more out of control.

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