Monday, November 18, 2013

Overheard - I can't even try and summarize these in a single tagline

{while on a walk discussing what was on tap for the rest of the evening}

Papa - Chicky, how do you expect me to get anything done when you have all these people coming over?
Me - What things?
Papa - Its not like I can just sit down for 15 minutes and get into something and turn around and do something else
Me - What things?
Papa - Like write my book!

{okay now it is on the record that there is an inkling of hope my hubby will write a book - this makes me super happy}

Little baby = lots of visitors : ) A a different note, pretty good wrap job, no?

{as Lee is leaving the house telling everyone bye}
E - Papa, how come y'all didn't kiss lips when y'all squeezed?

{when coming down the stairs one morning}
E - Mama my eyes are dripping...
Me - Yes.. because you are crying!

Papa - E please don't play on the stair we don't want R to fall...
E - But Papa!
Papa - {goes to look at stair playing activity}
E - I'm having my wedding...

{playing tic-tac-toe)
E - I'm digging for Minnie's!

Me - R who do you want on your birthday cake
R - Ummm.... CUP!
Me - No, no... Elmo or Abby or Ariel?
R - Areeel....
Me - R, what color do you want on your cake?
R - Ummmmmmmmmmm... CUP!
Me - No, no... pink or purple?
E - Or yellow?
R - {blank stare}
Me - R, who do you want to come to your birthday party?
R - Ummm.... CUP!!!!
Me - You will have a cup at your party
Papa - Why not just get her a cake with a bunch of cups on it?

{with feet on couch and hands on coffee table}
E - Look at meeee... I'm a hip-a-saur!
{pretty sure a hip-a-saur is anything that does not touch the ground}

{while putting toothpaste on her toothbrush}
E - Joy to the world! Joy to the world!!! Let heav'n an nature sin... Let heav'n annnnn nature sin!!!!
Me - E, it's heaven and nature SING!
E - Joy to the world!

{on the way home from preschool}
E - Mama, when are we going to move back to the old house?
Me - Never
E - When I get married and I have a baby in my tummy then we can move to the old house because we'll need more room
Me - Doesn't that make your stomach turn?
Papa - Ummm... YES!

{this conversation happened in all of 5 seconds on our drive to school}
E - Mama when's Christmas time?
Me - it starts December 25.
E - December 25? Mama, where's there sprinkler house
Me - Right there
E - Mama are we going to the sticky bank?
Me - No, we don't have any money today
E - Are you going to earn some money today?
Me - Maybe a little...
E - So we can go to the sticker bank?
Me - On Friday.
E - On Fridaayyyyyyyyy

{in the chapel}

Me - R who are you thankful for today.
R - {blank stare}
Me - Are you thankful for anyone?
R - Ummmmm..... CUP!

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  1. Your stairs/wedding story had me laughing outloud. My 3 1/2 year old asked me yesterday to take her wedding dress shopping!

    1. E wore a dress to a wedding we went to back in October. She wore it this past weekend to church and referred to it as her 'wedding dress' and I could not convince her it was just a dress she wore to a wedding : )

  2. I think I need recorded evidence of her saying "Y'all" - too cute!!!

    1. Come to our house for an afternoon and you'll hear it 100 times!