Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Advent-en Activity List

Advent is upon us (Eastern Catholics) so Papa and I finally decided on our six Advent-en activities for the kids.

Week 1 - Operation Christmas Child - The collection period ends this Thursday I think so the timing is perfect

Week 2 - Pray at a graveyard

Week 3 - Gather things to 'give' to St. Nicholas - He won't actually visit our house until Advent week 4, but I want to give the girls times to think about and gather their items

Week 4/ Week 5/ Week 6 - Pray outside an abortion clinic (or pray at another graveyard), Get an ornament (or two) off the tree at the church there in the Mount, Go shopping and drop off food items at the InterFaith Food Shuttle
{We'll probably figure out the order as we see how everything shakes out}

We have also been talking to the girls (more specifically E) about preparing for Christmas - and doing nice things for other people and not focusing on ourselves.

Finally we've been singing (as of yesterday) two verses of O Come Emmanuel after we pray in the morning and one verse before bed. E soaks up songs and singing so I am convinced this is the single best way to get her to learn something about Advent.

I'll be posting random Advent-en activity updates in the off chance you are interested.

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  1. While I respect that you want to pray about abortions, I wonder about the message of praying at an abortion clinic. I think a lot of people view that as more judgmental than genuine prayer (even if that is not the intention). I wonder what it would be like if people opposed to some Catholic practices came and stood outside a Catholic church in protest - even if the protesters were equally sincere in their beliefs. Of course, I realize the point of prayer is to connect with God, so it may not matter what others take from the action, but then again, if the whole point is connection with God, then one would not need to be in a certain location for it to be meaningful.

    1. Points taken. I had not thought about how people who stand outside abortion clinics (in prayer or not) could be seen as passing judgement - even though I hope that is not their intent.

  2. Love anonymous comment and appreciate your reply :)