Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WWRW - Volume 5

I promise he really does do other things other than read... 

Team Captain

Another NT Wright... This is Volume 3... A mere 740 pages - because he 'has to read this one' so he can read the newly released The Resurrection of the Son of God Volume 4, which is 1600 pages. He's a rockstar... I know.


Probably should more accurately title my portion what I'm NOT reading Wednesday... But E annotated it for me during her rest the other day - side note - she takes a rest in her 'nap nook' in our room because E and R cannot nap in the same room - that would just be a bad idea. Sooooo... anywho... her big girl crayons AND markers were taken away for a week...

And you thought all the art from earlier today was E's best.... 


I may or may not have mentioned that E LOVES her High Fives... Some get loved more than others. I have been trying to figure out a way to bind them so we can go back and read some of our favoritos... My favorite story - just for the record here - is The Shapes have a Picnic and my favorite poem - just because I know you are dying to know - is Fifteen Furry Foxes.

So I finally got my self together and M and I ventured to the Depot of Offices for binding supplies. All was well until we got home and I realized that my 1 inch binders were only going to hold 3 months worth of High Fives - instead of my highly anticipated 12... AND I let E have a go with the binder for her rest and she dropped it before she made it back to the room and BAM... the 1 yr warranty on the binding will be put to the test because now the center ring won't close...

Papa got us some insane locking ring binders at the Target so we'll see how long they last...


Who does not love Elmo en español? There's a few others she's 'into' at the moment but this one is at her crib side...

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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  1. I love the annotations, especially the lines that she underlined. Too cute. Jill is asking asking if she got mail, I may have to get her a gift subscription to High Fives. I have stacks of old Highlights in the basement. They are definitely keepers.

    1. High Fives are great and there's enough pictures where E can 'read' them to herself during rest time.