Thursday, November 7, 2013

Theme Thursday - Thumb


Almost in the act of thumb sucking... Actually the girls - weirdness I should qualify the girls as the big girls - really only suck their thumbs if they have their Ninis. I have told E she cannot get her fingernails painted until she stops sucking her thumb. I am not crazy about the idea of painting fingernails for little girls but the thumb sucking 3 yr old is driving me crazy. She does it subconsciously. 

Anyway... here are a few other pics from Saturday before church. 

Hello... what are you doing?

Another picture???

Yes they are matching and yes I love it!

Can we come back and play?

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  1. What a bunch of cuties. I loved matching my girls up!

  2. So sweet! I never thought I would want my girls to match, but I ended up loving it. Your babies are beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I was definitely not into matching them but E was way into for a while so I took her lead and now it is great!