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October 2013 Monthly UpdateI

Now on to October. We had a not so work-filled October. The first part of the month doing the whole renovation thing. So the first weekend of the month we jetted off to the Spring Hope Pumpkin festival which featured just about negative amounts of pumpkins. I really expected to see the prize pumpkin and eat pumpkin pie and take pics of the girls with pumpkins... but it was not happening. It was more of a street fair with a parade.

Timeless tractors

Trying to keep the girls occupied in between lunch and the parade.
We got to Spring Hope maybe around 10:30-ish and staked out a good spot on the parade route. Please imagine us walking up the street with two strollers, two girls, one diaper bag, 2 non-folding chairs, 1 insanely pregnant mama and 1 papa asking 'Are you sure you want to do this?'

Webby's slushies are the best. E had to have pink - of the 60 flavors only grapefruit was pink...

R had a taste of everyone's

Waving to the people on the floats and collecting candy
There were kids older than E and younger than E collecting candy... I think watching the bigger kids snap up the candy and then realize they needed to share it totally restored my hope in humanity - well not really - but it was good to see. Even E started passing candy to a little boy sitting next to her.

R was not thrilled about the stroller but did not fight it either
The next weekend it was off a wedding - that's after Lee had been organizing the house the morning part of the day - yeah, he is great. R had an early nap and I was hoping to do a crib to car seat transfer... did not happen. In fact R did not fall back asleep in the 1 hr long car ride but E fell asleep 5 minutes before we got to the wedding... Go figure.

R very much content with food waiting for the reception

They had coloring books for the kids... LIFESAVER. 
E and R both did really well. E had a extra good time because Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kevin were there plus there was an added bonus of (cup)cakes. Bribery can bring out the best behavior sometimes...

Last pic as a fam-mee of 4 (3 weeks before M arrived : )

Weekend after that we laid low and Lee used his new bagging mower to clean up the yard.

E started a rock collection - which she brought for show and tell
Lee told me I had better not get rid of her rocks - it is cute to see them bond over rocks.

Don't take my pic!!!

The last weekend of the month the girls had a birthday party to go to. I really did not know if we were going to make it when we got the invitation because it was the day before my due date... But it was not a problem. I let E pick out the present. It was a Melissa and Doug cupcake set and there was only one left at the store and she said she wanted/needed one too. I told her maybe the store had more in the back. What does the girl do when we get up to pay? She asks the cashier "Do y'all have more of those in the back?" I think she was taken aback by the question and said she would check. I told her that was not necessary because the store would have 6 months before E's birthday rolled around - E was okay with that.

R got into a banana and banana got into her hair at lunch one day and I could not resist the photo opt.
From the front

Side profile of banana in hair
Finally we went up the road to a little farm to get pumpkins and check out the animals.

R was skeptical but shouted out the names of the animals after awhile

Concerned about the horses and moo-cows

Happily dragging out the prettiest largest pumpkins... Well one Kibbe is.

R was super excited about something...

Papa proud of his handiwork

I am not a fan of this activity but it sure is cute.

Halloween 2013 - Cow + Ballerina
We had a few more trick-or-treaters than last year. I took some advice I got and used it as an opportunity to meet/catch up with neighbors. It was a good sugar-filled night over all : )

Ni Hao Yall

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