Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Congress might move faster than we do...

Love it when I am walking out of the door at 8:29 - one minute before school starts.

This morning the girls were even out of bed before 7.

R was awake and waking up E before 6.

They were all dressed - but not hair combed by 8. Is grooming at the breakfast table completely inappropriate?

The yellow ball was taken away.

M woke up around 7:45.

E and R HAD to wear bows today

It is picture week at school and I am fearful of another Caterpillars picture experience for E - though we have already picked out an outfit.

It is negative degrees outside - not really its just feeling kinda winter-ish

I could not find my coat because it was in the front seat of the van.

Our racetime out the door can only improve, right?


  1. I can't even believe you're driving already...

    1. : ) I have been driving since last Tuesday : ) I left the hospital and they said 'Oh you should not drive for two week, but if you are feeling up to it...' And if by feeling up to it mean that you must take your baby in for a mandatory weight check the next day... then yes I will drive. Not as bad as someone I know who drove herself home from the hospital because she drove from the drs office to the hospital and her husband drove a different car there...