Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh Why Not...

I am currently debating over two things right now...

1. Turkey Cookies - the more pressing issue

For some reason when I was super pregnant in September, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to sign up to help with E's Thanksgiving class party. {Clearly I was not thinking straight} so fortunately I am not in charge of the craft but most of the food items... Turkey cookies is a must, no? So here's what I got...

This recipe looks too easy not to give this a whirl and if I fail epically, I doubt the 3 yr olds will care and I can always default to the below cookies.  Candy corn and chocolate frosting... how hard could they be?

Now the question is can I find these in a store near me? (or Grammy is also on the hunt for them too)

2. M's stocking

Yes I know I have not finished Lee's stocking but E is already talking about M's stocking...

This is E's vote 

I really LOVE this one!

This is a possible contender

E only wants M to have the angel stocking because E wants that to be her stocking... NOT A CHANCE in the world. The gingerbread stocking is awesome! I would love it to be my stocking but I doubt I'll every get around to making a stocking for myself so I would do it for one of my kids. It is super complex. The snowmen stocking is good too... I think E might just win me over on the angel... Thoughts anyone?

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