Thursday, November 21, 2013

Five Favs - Open to interpretation

Here's some written riddles (or not so riddles) of recent

1. This is what my Monday morning pulling out of the driveway looked like

2. This is how our Monday evening ended...

Anyone who does not already know what E penned, please try and guess. There are six words in this note and I think most of the letters from all six words are there... I will reveal the words next week - and give some explanation.

3. Hanging out at Nursing Mothers of Wilson

Because breastfeeding is not always easy and there are 10000000 things/questions that come up so talking to other moms about it makes what M has on much easier. (and seeing other older infants there totally made me want to soak up my time with my 2.5 week old : ) 


4. In 2018...

After our anniversary dinner Lee and I both filled this 5 questions for 5 years from now little survey I made. It is silly I know but we did not share our answers and signed the back of the envelope and threw it in the safe for a little comedy/competition on 11/1/18.

5. True Story  

So it has not happened yet but I am SURE that it will. I spilled some pumped milk when E was little and it brought tears to my eyes. Then I was over it but then the same thing happened with R. Third times a charm for not crying... I doubt it : )

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