Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Morning in Pics

This morning's meltdown brought to you by the color brown : )


Yesterday E was obsessing over wearing brown... She NEEDED to. Well her brown leggings were in the dryer so those were out. Shirts with brown - also in the dryer - and would not be ready for school. So she grabbed the brown tights (from last year that maybe slightly small) and ran with them - and her navy/glitter tutu dress - which did not match in the least but then I realized I have bigger problems that my 3 yr old wearing something matching to preschool. 

Blast forward 2.5 minutes - 

Me - E, why do you have to wear brown?
E - Because we are not learning about Sammy Square anymore...
Me - {puzzled} Was Sammy Square brown? 
E - No...

Get to school and talk to teacher... Apparently brown is the color for November AND in circle time the kids are asked to point out the color of the month - clothes, shoes, hair, eyes... SO by wearing brown E guarantees she is going to have an article of color to point out {she's a smart one}. 

Which totally makes sense because the past few weeks she HAD to wear orange (October) to school - but that did not always happen. 

So anyways, today E was wearing an orange shirt with brown owls BUT the girl decides to spit toothpaste on it... and not just a little so the pic is her realizing the consequences of said tooth cleaning actions... And the fact she does not have another brown shirt to wear... 

Oh preschool you complicate my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Sometimes}

Maybe I should just get a brown hairbow she can wear everyday? Brown shoes?

If you don't think I don't already know next month's colors... think again. I got the inside scoop - they are black and white. 

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