Saturday, November 21, 2015

Semana in my Vida - Friday!!!

Working for the weekend... 

Both of these people were up before six this morning. I threw M in bed with Papa because he's usually perched in his office well before 5 am each morning. 7 hours of driving will take its toll... 

Everyone else got up earlier than normal - as in before 6:30. I actually kind of like the fact they aren't rushing in the morning but I still don't like it too much because I feel like 'my' part of the morning is diminished. 

Papa was right back to work packing lunches and snacks and bags and hustling everyone out the door. 

I got the whole wide world in my front seat. Except I don't have M's bag and a mildly perturbed Papa drove it to school when he couldn't get a hold of me because my phone was an silent. #oops!

Ready for the day and not taking prisoners... 
This is E rushing to get in line and giving squeezes and taking M out in the process!

Just a lazy Friday at work.. At least for some people

R went on a field trip today with her class and fortunately Jibbe was able to take her. She talked about it so that makes me believe she enjoyed it

M is talking to Jibbe about going to lunch again... tomorrow

R got me the mail... I wasn't up for fighting her on rest/quiet time today

She played upstairs for a while and after the fact found out one of E's Lego creations was a victim... 

Papa got home from so work things in time to mow the grass while the girls played outside

Referee called a timeout for a kicking-your-sister penalty 

Love them

Finally getting back on the Jesse Tree schedule with Noah, Abraham and Isaac. It is pizza Friday around here and football Friday too. It is one of Papa's hobbies that I have come to accept and not complain about. But football is almost over!!!!! Woot woot (Sorry Lee) 

The kids were driving me bonkers and they fought in the bathroom when they were brushing teeth so I said straight to bed but then I thought better of it and let them play. 

He's so cute!

They are so silly

In her happy place

Everyone got in bed. R was out in a second because she didn't rest. E camped out in our room for a few to avoid M's noise. I've caught up on the blogging. Papa walked in the door from football and we discussed the 'freshness' of the dirtiness of the dishes as to determine what cycle to run it on and that was all she wrote!

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