Friday, November 20, 2015

Week in My Life - Jueves

Are you getting bored of all this yet???

Not a bad view to wake up to : ) 

Pretty much the same way I left the night before but this time it included some coffee - 2 cups in fact 

Which was good because someone was up before 6 : ( 

Being 5 can be extremely difficult. Nothing like a splash of mom's coffee to turn that frown upside down.

First time I've packed lunch since A was born. - well maybe the second - but Lee has been responsible for lunch and snacks for going on 6 weeks. We have agreed to disagree over showering ways - well I'm calling agree to disagree on his lunch packing skillz... Yes it gets done but E asked - why does Papa NEVER give me a napkin? and the cup refill situation drives me nuts. 

All of le bags plus R's show-and-tell - which is in the wrong stack but she put it there, not me

We live (and are late) by the microwave timer. I kind of despise it that our morning revolves around a beep-beep-beep,  beep-beep-beep- BUT se la vi. The school bus - or bee bus, as M calls it - is another timely reminder. If the bus comes and we are still praying that is a problem. But if the bus comes when we are downstairs (as see above) or better yet, in the garage getting in the van we are bound to have an on-time departure. 

I could write a whole post about Ninis - the knitted blankets the girls (and maybe boy) drag around all day long and MUST have at night. They are so so so very special to our kids and the lady who made our first three did not make A's - in fact she wasn't able to see M with hers. Seeing the girls loving their Ninis will cause little twinges in my heart sometimes. 

Rain complicates things. Traffic. Coat selection. Drop-off especially drop-off with a new baby. Fortunately there are some super great moms (and kids too) who go to our preschool and I was able to stay outside the school and keep my hawkeyes on the van (with A inside) while R and M got dropped off. 

I then proceeded to talk to a small handful of moms in the wind and rain (but under the shelter) after drop off. It is so good/comforting/reassuring/awesome to have a group of mom-friends who are going through the same things I am. Also, it is nice to be able to have the time to talk to them and not rush around like a crazy-mama like I do during pool season. Sometimes Lee will drive by E's school (told ya it was a small town) and he'll see the group of parents standing around talking after prayer line and he'll ask me "if I was holding court today" in the parking lot. Funny guy he is. 

Anyhow... after 'holding court' in the preschool parking lot, A and I shot home for a few minutes because there was no reason for me to go to work plus the kitchen was slightly on the disastrous side of the scale. It dawned on me I could have lunch with E so A and I grabbed some lunch food and headed that way but not without swinging by work to check in on some things and give Jibbe the Nini bags because Thursday is the afternoon everyone waits. Jibbe does the preschool pick up and takes the girls to lunch and then they hang out for the afternoon. E is definitely on the feeling-left-out end of the spectrum but I take her over to hang out for a few hours after school and she watches Play-Doh movies on the coveted iPad - she told me some time ago that she wanted an iPad for Christmas. 


We were wearing the same shirt but no evidence to prove it

I think she was surprised to see me. It is so funny to watch the kids reactions to what's in their lunch boxes. "She packed me this!" or "She packed me this????" There was some chatter about A and if 'he was annoying' or not and who was going to change his diaper etc etc. General 5-yr-old banter. I really don't know the kids in E's class very well since this is her first year at the school. While I'm sure that will change over the years, it is a definite contrast to the several friends I heard about for three years at preschool - one of whom she will still talk about from time to time, about how she is going to marry him. Sigh. 

Well lunch was over and I had 2.5 hours to kill before pick-up and I definitely didn't want to sit around the pool store and twiddle my fingers SO A and I then paid a visit to Nani! Yes the Nani from yesterday who brought me some huevos rancheros. #friendenvy 

I wish I had gotten a good pic of them : ( 

I tell people that Nani is my first Rocky Mount friend. Which kind of says a lot because I didn't meet her until over a year after I had moved here. We started off as co-workers and officemates and 6 years and 4 (of my) babies later we are buenas ham-mi-gas, finally vecinas (we used to live 23 minutes apart and now it is down to about 1.5 minutes), she's my walking buddy - who else will walk over six miles to try and kick start labor not once but twice!, she's an awesome cook and all I have to bring to the table is pimento cheese, we have the best debates about the Bible and I hopefully have proved wrong the myth of Catholics being like they are in the soap operas : ) , she's helped change one of my babies diapers at work when I literally had no more diapers or wipes - let's just say desperate times call for newspaper, a burp cloth and paper clamps. I could go on...  

But I won't. A and I then went to the eye doctor to get my glasses realigned because they were super loose and very bent to the point I was embarrassed to wear them. And then I realized R left her show-and-tell in the van. New policy change - Show-and-Tell IN THE BOOKBAGS

Then back to school to get E but not without feeding A and taking three work phone calls in parking lot. E has been begging to go to the li-br-air-ee and it is on the way out of town and it was just her (and A) so I asked if she wanted to go and got a resounding YES! Of course she goes for the stinking Berenstain Bear books. Five more. I thought she was actually going to pick something different but then she didn't because she is a creature of habit just like me. I grab Madeline because I really really like that book. 

I drop E off (because she doesn't want me interrupting her time with Jibbe) and I go to Office Depot get more sight cards laminated. NEVER going again if the laminating machine is down - they didn't come out very well and it took FOR-EVER. I didn't might the wait because I caught up with one of the guys who works for Papa. After I ran two more errands at the depressing mall scene and went back to Jibbe's. She had to go somewhere so the girls took early baths, we packed up the dinner she made us (yes I know, I am spoiled) and made the tearful journey (without Jibbe) home. 

What the heck is the point of this pic? 

Well... you see that fork, the small Minnie one? I almost thought E was going to go to bed without dinner over that utensil. I asked her to set the table for dinner and she pulls he plastic one for M and her normal metal fork and the Minnie one for R. Had she not been sparring with R in the evening I wouldn't have thought about it or had they not been going at it on the ride home - it would have been fine but she got that fork for R to get her mad - because they should both get the same metal fork (that Minnie one is now a 'baby' fork). So I tell E to give R the metal fork and herself the Minnie fork. 


Jumping up and down. Screaming. Crying. Lost it. She went on about how she couldn't use it and it was too small and it was a baby fork and everything. She was sent and called out of her room three times before she finally gave in and used the darn thing to eat. 

Sure it would have been super easier on me to just give her the fork she wanted but she wants to instigate some mess with R - that will make my life more complicated? Watch out because I can and will call your bluff and play your games. 

After dinner I had pretty much had it. My tolerance level for everything wanes at the week goes on. I did let them pick out a book each to read - last night it was 3 each because I was in a better mood. Prayer. Bed. DONE DONE DONE. Except there's M's chatter and potty trips and ice packs and the works. Plus I have sight words to cut out and mac to make and muffins to bake - since I have no idea when Papa will be back from Maryland - he was there at a conference that NT Wright was speaking at. NT Wright is definitely one of Papa's most favorite authors/scholars. 

The mac was made. The new pumpkin muffins were baked. Grammy sent us pumpkin muffins (again my family is awesome, I know this) since Trader Joes was sold out until next September : (  - next time when the associate asks us if we want a case of 16 boxes - we are not going to pass them up! In between mac and muffins I start the St. Nicholas shopping since I've got about two weeks to get stuff. Actually I have most everything just Papa is super hard to shop for and I want to get something for E to remember her Saint Day this year.

A and I get ready for bed and I feed him and turn on the news and in pops Papa! We talk for all of five minutes because we are both exhausted but it is good to have him back!

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