Friday, November 13, 2015

7QTs - Turkeys, Boo-Boos, and One-Month-Olds

We've been a family-o-six for a month and we aren't looking back... 

--- 1 ---

Turkey time... dee-dee-dee-deet 

Based on the homework that came home over the past week one could guess it is almost Thanksgiving. E loves her craft assignments. R is not as visionary as E is but they aren't two peas in a pod... That's for sure. 

R was very adamant about the purple strips of ribbon on top of her turkey so we ran with it. Her turkey was a done deal in abut 25 minutes (thanks hot glue gun) because we started the night it was due : ( Next time I want to give her a bit more time with it - I think her favorite part was the glitter glue!

Now, when E gets a crafty homework assignment we all hear about it until she has started and finished it. So when R started hers I let E start cutting hers out. I think it got colored and stamped (with a gold turkey) before I shutdown crafts for the night. 7:30 crafting with a tired 5-yr-old... No thanks. Anyhow, E's turkey had to be decorated and stand up (it was not getting hung on the wall). So in addition to the blue toes, painted toenails and necklace E had to make it 3-D. At first she thought an OJ box could be glued to it but I nixed it because the carton had been the the recycling too long. Then she tried a long skinny box, then finally decided on a milk jug. The night before it was due Lee and I speculated if the carton had to be decorated too - overthinking kindergarten HW assignments?, reading the directions aloud 3 times?, welcome to my world - so E picked a few farm stickers out and stuck them on for good measure. Even though according to her - Turk (that's his name) lives at home no chickens, barns or horses around this house. Oh and when E told Lee that the turkey's name was Turk - priceless expression of disbelief.

Anyhow, this is how E's turkey homeworks have progressed...

3 yr old class

They are gems so don't miss comparing them!
--- 2 ---

M has fallen - literally - onto some hard times within the last week... 

That was from Friday afternoon - which included a scrape from Thursday - but not the bump I gave her when I was swinging A's carseat in the parking lot at school trying to get him quiet and nearly sent M airborne - in front of a crowd of parents. Parenting award right here please : ) 

THEN... Tuesday afternoon everyone was playing outside and M fell down the brick steps. She screamed for about 30 seconds and then cleared herself to play more.  

--- 3 ---
Saturday was a day to remember... 

After the girls spent a few hours outside raking leaves with Papa we raced to the last soccer game of the season. It started raining as we were warming up. 3 girls playing soccer in the rain? They weren't thrilled but the game lasted all of 10 minutes before it downpoured and got called off. 

Oh the memories of soccer growing up... 

--- 4 ---

Yesterday A turned a month old????

Seems like he was just born : (  

So we celebrated with a 2 mile walk since there was just about nothing going on at work. 

Best person to hooky with for sure. I actually thought about checking E out of school because it was such a nice day but I didn't. On days when it is so nice, I wish/hope her school would just call an afternoon recess and let everyone play and be outside for a few hours. 

--- 5 ---

This girl... This face...

I may not always understand why she does what she does but we love her no matter what!

--- 6 ---

E's school is having a fundraiser. She's not selling stuff - which is awesome because my house cannot contain more things. She (we - the family) need to ask people to donate to the Annual Fund at the school. Simple. Easy. 

I'm thinking a small note from the pupil might be a bit more meaningful (3 sentences - not an essay) plus I think we need to get E on this a little. I thought after she enjoyed the class pet journal she would like writing a couple notes.... She's not as much into it but she'll survive. 

--- 7 ---

Let's see what else has been going on blog worthy...

I need to post about M's 2nd birthday

Lee and I are going out to (finally) celebrate our anniversary

Advent starts this weekend so we'll be getting our Jesse Tree going

Which means I need to start getting St. Nicholas items ordered because 12/6 will be here before you know it!

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