Sunday, November 22, 2015

Theme Thursday - Portraits

Taking a break from Week in my Life...

I took these pictures the day before Halloween. These are the ones from my phone but I did bring out the real camera... These will suffice for now

These were our fall pics from last year - In fact it was a Theme Thursday post but the sun was much better. This year I was desperately late and didn't have my act together thanks to a 3 week old : ) 

Getting four kids to look at the camera is nearly impossible so cuteness tends to make up for it

I've always taken each kids picture in this pumpkin outfit for their first Halloween. Considering M wore it last year and she was a few days shy of one, you might imagine that A was swallowed by it. 

Now, these won't be our Christmas card pics unless a get super desperate and the bribes of Sweet Tarts (because they are small and not messy and 2 yr olds can eat them while pictures are being taken) don't work. 

My all time favorite Christmas card outtake is from 2012 - and I've never snapped one as fantastic as that one. 

Here are our previous Christmas cards:

Happy Advent!

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  1. I just looked through all your previous Christmas cards and oh my goodness. Your kids are SO. Stinkin'. Cute.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!