Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween and All Saints Day Weekend

I probably should have reversed that title since that is the order that we celebrated them in... 

Safety pins ready for any last minute Saint Day costume pinning at school
(because needle and thread aren't my forte!) 

We actually left the house EARLY so E could get dressed at school

A view of my front seat... you should have seen in yesterday full of stuff!

I present to you... St. Margaret of Scotland

The cape (from across the pond) 

St. Margaret and her court!

The cape almost got nixed the night before because its an adult cape and was huge but E insisted...

The next day was Halloween - we have a handful of houses in our neighborhood that pass out candy so we go around with our friends... Before that though I survived 2 shopping trips, we played 2 soccer games, had lunch with Jibbe and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev, AND we went to a birthday party... Toss in a couple loads of laundry and Papa working ALL DAY on prepping for the church fundraiser and the extra hour of sleep didn't really seem very extra. 

A - robot, M - a cow, E - St. Margaret of Scotland, R - Elsa

I could have sworn E was going to be Elsa but she insisted on St. Margaret

M enjoying her ride

The princesses... It turns out we went out a bit late so it was much darker than we'd like. 

A was not the happiest camper and it wasn't just because of his costume

One last pic... 

Please appreciate the cuteness of A's costume

And one more for good measure!

M counting her loot - and thinking she's in just as good of shape as her sisters



The next day was not All Saints Day for us - It was actually the feast of St. Cosmos and Damien. All Saints is a different day on the eastern calendar. It was also our anniversary. It was also a big church fundraiser. So what better day to try my hand at taking all the kids to church... by myself. 

It actually wasn't bad. A slept through the whole thing and really didn't even wake up until the final blessing. M continued in her normal silly stuff and E and R did pretty well. 

Then we headed to the fundraiser. Saw Papa. Got some to go plates. Ate lunch at Grammy's and blasted home. Upon arrival the weekend had totally caught up with me and I just sat in a chair for 2 hours. 

Papa got home. We ate dinner. Put the little people in bed. And we toasted to 7 times 70 more years with champagne and Halloween candy. 

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