Monday, November 16, 2015

Semana in Mi Life - Lunes

As if you didn't think I was crazy enough... Here's a peak into the nitty-gritty, survival-of-the-Kibbe part one of seven (also known as one of my favorite 7 days of blogging : ) 

A was up somewhere between 1:30 and 3 last night and I made the TERRIBLE mistake of picking up my phone - usually I cannot go back to sleep as easily... when will I learn???

I was up a little earlier than normal. Currently I'm into Isaiah with the prayer card from Lee's ordination - I mean Deacon Joseph, but I still haven't gotten used to that : ) - and I'm back into coffee (since having the bebe) and still have some Hazelnut left from my birthday

We hit Trader Joes yesterday and if by we, I mean I because really I'm not quite ready for shopping with 4 kids quite yet. TJs Frosted Wheats have tons of 'doubles' (connected) pieces and those are highly sought after around this breakfast table. I stuck a few packs of gold coins for St. Nicholas because that will be here before we know it!

I didn't quite get all the laundry done yesterday which is a problem given my philosophy on laundry - Saturday or bust. That's not to say I won't finish up what is in the washer or dryer on Monday (because Sundays I definitely don't don laundry). There's a load in the dryer, a load waiting to be dried on the counter (which I forgot about) and a load in the washer that also needs to be dried 

Hi sweet baby boy!

TJs was out of our favorite pumpkin muffins - as in both locations : ( which is a huge problem because we LIVE on those things. So I decided to give the Gingerbread mix a whirl. PS - loading the muffins with a scooper is way less messy. Last year I tried loading them with a turkey baster and that went over about as well as my first round of pound cake baking

M is such a scavenger. The girls have started to get up around 6:30 so there's a bit more time for the general riffraff a breakfast which is nice to not have to feel like I'm forced to rush them. Also, the gingerbread muffins were terrible - I thought. The ginger or molasses or whatever was super strong. Good thing Grammy is sending us so pumpkin muffin mix. 

E's uniform and this ruler-yard stick thing she convinced Grammy to let her bring home and bring for show and tell. Crazy thing is - I loved messing with that thing growing up. 

I wasn't in the mood to listen to A scream from the swing while we hustled around the house so to the sock/carrier/Beco/lifesaver. He wasn't happy about getting down. Also note the laundry on the bed that was fluffed but NOT folded before we left for school - reason number 2042735 why laundry is done on one day of the week. 

One minute later... A and I meet the girls in the chapel for prayers before school. E has the Christmas cards down (from last year) - they each pick a card and they pray for that person/family. Send us a Christmas card - you're getting prayed for year round, whether you like it or not! Today R chose to mope around and whine and cry and not do as she was told so her dessert was nixed for the day before 7:30

Ahhh... my front seat. Let's see - there is the sock/carrier, words to O Come Emmanuel, E's old set of sight word flashcards, a burp cloth, a blanket, my word notebook and 2 kid bags and a partridge in a pear tree. 

On the 15 minutes ride to school everyone cried or screamed over something... 
E - Not singing O Come Emmanuel in Latin - I started in English - where does her Latin obsession come from???
R - Singing in general - she was being pouty since the chapel/not being able to find her shoes/ getting her hair brushed
M - She took off her shoes and couldn't reach them
A - Unhappy about his state of being in the carseat and not eating

Sometime their screaming and antics get to me but now I just try not to laugh especially when 3 of 4 or 4 of 4 are wailing. 

I'm feeding A in the parking lot at preschool
M wants help getting her shoes on
R explicitly stated 'she's not helping' - fantastic

Successful day at the office with A. 

I pick up R and M from school. Find out R's got E's old church shoes on - this kid cannot keep up with shoes. Get school pics - which are way better than last year's. And listen to Rand M argue over A's sunshade 

They think it is hilarious hiding in the bushes

On the way home...
M - Silly An-due
R - He's not silly
M - Silly Annn-Due
R - He's not silly or funny eee-der
{she's in the same mood as I left her but apparently she had a good day for her teachers}

This is what happens when a 2-yr-old loads the school stuff - that would be R's spare set of clothes. 

Afternoon work has begun as M finishes up lunch. I definitely miss having E around for lunch. R has taken to playing with her Legos while she's gone. 

A is not getting into a deep sleep so he's been up most of the afternoon flipping between eating and the bouncy seat - because typing with one hand gets really old. 

Now for my FAVORITE part of the afternoon - the kind of afternoon that makes the craziness of working while still having the kids under foot in the afternoon. Stuff like this reminds me WHY I do what I do and that the insanity of some days is worth it. 

Papa had to bring his 'digger' back home so he could play with it some more because it is the end of the pool season. The guy who drives the truck that carries the digger and Lee are unstrapping it and he shouts to A - 'Boy, one day this will be yours!' 

Then I couldn't resist the Father-Son photo-opt

Then Lee said 'too bad he cannot run the controls'

A's not so sure...

E gets home from school and immediately make plans to pick more sweet potatoes with Jibbe later in the week - stay tuned for that.

And I thought a lot of paper came home from preschool... NOPE. 

M destroys R's handiwork while R and E are outside playing while I make very little headway at the cleanup of my work stuff, laundry and school stuff. Lee cleaned up the lunch stuff (yeah, I saw you - and I appreciate it) and I think it drives him totally nuts that I don't just put stuff directly in the dishwasher BUT he's got bigger fish to fry. 

We head to shop for E's school's can drive. Also known as Advent Activity #1. Eastern Catholic / Orthodox Advent starts 40 days before Christmas. We do a Jesse Tree (which we actually haven't started because we are slackers : ( and a weekly act of charity. 

Taking 4 kids shopping is an test of patience - in fact just loading them up in the car seems miraculous at times. Didn't I just say I wasn't ready for that??? 

All loaded up.. Now ask me how we are going to get this into school tomorrow - maybe, just maybe I'll remember to throw the stroller in the van and make my life that much easier : ) 

I'll try not to cry over this pic

Then we head out to dinner. Yep. As if shopping with 4 kids wasn't crazy enough we even took them out to dinner - only because it was the school's HSA/PTA function at a super kid friendly restaurant. We faired pretty well. A just wanted to be held and since I've mastered the art of living life without a free hand I just obliged. I put him down once just so I could scrape the dressing off my salad bowl and sure enough the kid woke up! And I happen to not be in a listen-to-sad-bebe-mood...

Papa had Bible Study so I was flying solo for bedtime. Mix in super tired baby and a toddler who can take off their own diaper and it could have been really interesting : ) I got A settled while the girls got ready for bed. Parenting when you are outnumbered is all about prioritizing who needs what and what can I do the quickest to meet the most people's needs... either that or a super guilty conscious -so A and I had a nice snuggle while the girls played

E - So I can have your Olaf forever
M - ...
E - Can I have it forever and ever?
M - Yes!
E - R, now I have an Olaf like you!
{nixed that one before she even came in the door to tell me about it}

Sometimes the bebe must be sad because Mama needs to go potty

We read... E read. No one got shoved off the couch. It was a good night

Even better because I snuck in 15 minutes of ab work before I started this post 


  1. I'm exhausted reading about your day!

    And I LOVE the plan of having last year's Christmas cards up, each choosing one to pray for that family each day! It' makes me want to send you a Christmas card -- oh my gosh! and reminds me that this is the year we ARE supposed to do Christmas cards! - we did them the year we got married, and our 5 year anniversary, and I decided that every 5 years is a good benchmark ;) -- We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this June 11th! :)

    On a funnier note, I also had one of those fold up yardstick things, and thought it was pretty cool too! ;)

    1. ooooooh, I just figured out a loophole! There's no rule on how many Christmas cards we have to do! Just to "do Christmas Cards" every 5 years! ;) So if I give / send out 20 cards, that's just as good as doing 100+ cards! (my parents send out about 200 each year! EVERYONE goes on their Christmas list -- hmmmmm, maybe I should add you guys to my parents' Christmas list ;) ).