Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week En My Vida - Tues-dia

Continuing to play along because clearly I have loads of free time on my hands... 

Setting the scene...

This is what I woke up to (and I woke up late which means I didn't have any 'me' time. So from left to right... 

+ There's the 2 books E wants to take AR quizzes on - I don't force AR quizzes. There is manadatory reading time whether me or her or Papa - but if she wants to take an AR quiz that is up to her. Usually during the first part of the week she's super into them and by Thursday and Friday she's kinda burnt out on all things school. 

+ E's sight word flashcards that she's learned - yes they are color coded by set and she happens to love picking out colors for the next sets

+ A's entertainment devices

+ My food

+ Mail and other stuff

+ All the books that we read the night before that I have to add to E's reading list 

The breakfast shuffle. The lunch and snack making extravaganza. The empty Jesse Tree that we still didn't start : ( 

Morning distraction.. Ar-dee-la (squirrels) interrupt toothbrushing

A's getting tired of waiting to be held

Weekend laundry remnants that still aren't cleaned up - and I think that drives Lee absolutely crazy but he lives in the trenches of busy-ness so he knows... 

Also we are dropping off a flyer about the can drive at the office.

Making our way to the chapel for morning prayers...

M wasn't having anything to do with them... I guess I'll have to plan getting a brown bow for her 3 yr old class because all I could think of was this...

I had 2.5 seconds to make coffee since I got up an hour late I knew it was worth the time. 

R and M helped bring in some of the cans we brought for the food drive. It would have been way easier to leave them in the van but since this is part of the Advent Activities for the week - it was necessary. Grateful for the mom who stayed out at the van so I didn't have to drag - a screaming - A in. E was in circle time but M saw her in class and had to give her a squeeze. It was so stinking cute!

We made it to preschool but not without catching up with some other moms in the parking lot! I tend to run my mouth a lot at preschool.

A and I hard at work. Pool store is not hopping in November - yes this is a different office scene than yesterday because I have two jobs (outside the home) and a slew of jobs AT HOME : ) just to clarify.

A and I shuffle back to preschool and get these two. M cannot reach the water fountain which is super frustrating to her. I think it's funny to watch her try.

R was melting down big time so it was rest or get it together... She opted for the former - and then was more mad. Overtired? Yep.

M enjoyed lunch outside by herself. I sat and peeled oranges for her...

M - I happy maa-maa
Me - I'm happy you are happy
M - Heeeeeee... I love you maaa-mee
Me - I love you too M

Then M went down for rest and I worked some. R came out of her rest super hungry (shocking I know). E got home from school. I think her expression sums up how she feels. She's pretty stinking wiped out after being gone for eight hours. She usually comes in the door saying - 'all they did was seat work' and they NEVER paint. I try and ask her about other things - playing outside or her specials or lunch - but I don't get too much info. She wanted to look at all the books she's taken AR quizzes on so I make that happen because that is something she is excited about. 

Then we hit the streets because the weather still cannot decide whether it is going to get cold or not.

A gets tossed in the carrier and we go. We visit some neighbors who we haven't seen in what seems like ages - even though we see them at preschool drop-off many days. There are a bunch of boys and a bunch of girls out there and they are terrorizing each... One day that won't be the case I suppose

E and her friend make plans to pick sweet potatoes in the field the next day. 

E - Can you please text her mom to tell her what time I'll be out?
{sure no problem, just sounds funny to me} 

A sheet of math homework that gets done without much fuss. I really try not to fight over homework. I tell her if she wants to turn it in blank because she doesn't want to do it then fine. It is her homework not mine. Just like it is not my folder or my lunchbox or my book bag. If you forget to put your homework in your folder or your book bag in the car... Sorry. I'll remind but ultimately it is not my responsibility. A few weeks ago E forgot to put her name on her homework and I told her to check to be sure she had done everything and she assured me she had. Sure, I could have told her she forgot it write it BUT I didn't. And you know after having to write her name 10 times on the homework page at school, do you think she's forgotten since? Nope... Not yet. 

FINALLY starting the Jesse Tree - It's a long one - Genesis 1 - so we are still 2 days behind : ( 

A is STILL in the carrier because well.. that's how he is rolling these days. One drawback is I cannot see over it - it's like being pregnant except at chest level - so I nearly mow over M when I wear it. 

Papa and E head to American Heritage Girls - same concept as Girl Scouts. I need to do a post on that as well as get a pic of them in their matching shirts : ) 

R and M doting on A..

The state of the kitchen that must be changed before story time

R and M play family - I find out that the purple baby just came out of R's tummy - amongst other things. They play pretty well together. I have found E tends to instigate a lot of the arguments. R and M usually don't require too much intervention

The table isn't in too bad of shape for 6:30

Evidence of showering. Lee has pretty much taken over showers - thankfully. He and I have very different schools of thought when it comes to the way of showering kids most efficiently. He doesn't like the way I do it, so more power to him!

Once stories are read and bedtime has begun, the final juvenile member of the family is bathed. 

And he and Papa and I catch up after AHG. A gets fussy so I put him to bed and plan on going back to chat it up with Lee some more but that doesn't happen. 

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