Monday, January 16, 2012

Snacktime BFF

Today MMO was closed in observance of MLK Day.... so once of E's friends mom graciously and bravely - she has a 2 yr old and a 5 mo old - offered to have E over to play while I could work in peace and not go through my purse!

I must admit I was a bit nervous leaving E with another mommy knowing that there would be 3 under 2 to contend with. With the promise that I would be called if there was any sort of crisis or meltdown I left.

E and J had a super great time from what I heard and had good playtime and snack time. E was so sad to leave. I left with the standing order the favor would be returned.

Side notes of thought. Highlight was picking E up and getting to chat with J's mom. I need J and her fam live on our street not just so I can have a mom friend 5 secs away but so E can have a BFF close by. With being less than 12 hours from moving I wonder if E us going to have neighborhood friends like I did. Pretty sure we are making a good decision to move and hoping E can make super great friends to play with and have sleepovers with!

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