Monday, January 2, 2012

How I spent my New Year's

Let's face it. Being 34.5 weeks pregnant is not the most glamorous thing in the world nor is it the most energy filled. So in that same spirit Lee and I held down the fort in the Mount to ring in 2012. He made probably one of my new top 10 meals that he cooks - Poppin' John - courtesy of Cooks Illustrated and Grandpa Joe and Jibbe came over for dinner too. For dessert Lee had a pecan pie with homemade whipped cream - so good (and my doc said I was supposed to watch what I ate!)

I think I was in bed and possibly asleep before 9 - which actually turned out to be a good thing. I certainly would not have mind staying up to watch the ball (or acorn - oh yes Raleigh-world) but when there are not other people around then New Year's is just another day. I have always had a Scourge-like approach to a new year and have not ever been give a good reason to change it.

Anyways, it was a good thing I did go to bed early because E was screaming four hours into 2012 - I think she has been having bad dreams because she was up around 1 am tonight too - hence I am awake. I remember having bad dreams when I was in elementary school and running to my parents room and waking up my mom (of course) so that I could get tucked back in. What goes around comes around I guess - though I do have a much greater appreciation for my mom's patience with me because I know I had bad dreams more often than she would have like.

Its not like I am horribly opposed to snuggling up with little E and rocking her awhile. I actually find it quite comforting. During the day when I want to snuggle her up she is a ball of energy who stays still for 4.5 seconds and goes away. At night, when she's half asleep we rock and I get to smell her - she does not have that fresh baby smell anymore. I think about when she was super tiny and would have done anything for her to just go to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. I think about that I will be feeling/thinking the same thing with baby #2 sooner than I can imagine. I am pretty sure that baby #2 knows when I am having 'my time' with E because he/she gets super kicky and squirmy. Maybe that in part due to the extra little person on my tummy but I'd like to think its sibling rivalry that starts in the womb. Who know!

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