Monday, January 2, 2012

Hunter Hunters and our Christmas Tree... an Update

Don't you love the Christmas color coordinated outfit?
I gave in and did the unspeakable... I bought a fake Christmas tree. E and I were adventuring through the Mount one day and were in Target and found it. Well its not the horribly tacky short little LED colored light tree that I was hoping for/expecting to 'like'.

Up close of said tree

This tree is actually a 4ft potted Virginia fur - with adjustable branches - whoo-who! Prelit with white lights. Definitely not thrilled about it but have come to terms with it given the we should be moving in 2.5 weeks and so we don't to think about a tree.

Totally could be worse but does not compare to the greatness of trees in years past...

E has been concerned about all Christmas tree or 'treeeees' as she says and if the lights are on or as she says 'treee on?'

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