Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adventures of Being Landlords...

Tomorrow marks the first full week that our casita has been on the rental market in the Mount. Let me tell you - it has been interesting. We have had two showings and two other people come to the door and ask what we were asking for in rent. I think that's pretty good traffic for one week on the market - let alone one of the most 'dead' work weeks of the year!

So what are the implications of having a rental house on the market and trying to live in said house... errr... Being ready at the drop of a hat to show the house. Example. Friday I am literally walking out of the door to work and Lee says "Oh realtor called last night and someone is coming to look at the house." Look at him in disbelief because I know that very little real cleaning can be accomplished with E around. I kick off my heels and start tidying up the closet and bedroom - putting things 'away'. Under the bed and stuffed in dresser drawers are still really awesome hiding spots - and I am the mom who is supposed to be patrolling this stuff - ha! Not this week!

Similar situation happened yesterday. We talk to the realtor at 8 am says someone wants to see the house at 10:30 - okay awesome. Its the one day this year I will legitimately have the day off and Lee is home too but whatever. We finish breakfast, do some less intensive cleaning and get out of dodge/ went shopping for the 12th Day of Christmas stocking stuffers.

All in all, I think that we will be keeping a much more tidy house until we find a renter!

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