Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scorls and Fever

Sunday night E woke up from her nap with a nasty fever in the 102 to 103 range. We got that under control with ice cold juice and ice cream.

Monday brought a lower fever and eventually no fever but E clearly did not go to MMO. We went into the office for a few and watched Elmo on YouTube then had a major meltdown then came home. One of the great things about the new house is there is much more wildlife in our backyard and E has taken to looking at scorls otherwise known as squirrels and birdies. We sat for about 20 minutes just looking out trying to see all the squirrels and birdies that were around. It was cute!

Monday night we noticed this icky looking rash on her hand. Not chicken pox or anything but still a bit gross. This morning she woke up with more of the same so after a quick grandma consult it was off to the races to the doctor.

I love going to the doctor and having them tell me Oh its viral. So E's fever was likely a response to something viral and the rash is an indication that she is over it. Excellent!

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