Thursday, January 26, 2012

Duckies, Patos and patoosh

Three languages. A couple species. One happy toddler. Papa did not have mountains of work to do today do out fam visited the duckies of City Lake this morning before papa and E headed home. I think this was the first time Lee went to see ducks with E. she greeted the different herds of ducks with a wave. There are a couple different species of ducks that live at the lake including ones that can hold their breathe under water for a good 10 seconds as well as some jet black ducks, your typical lake ducks and a massively vicious duck that is twice the size of a goose. There was a cat there that did not even want to mess with that one!

E has been an avid duck watcher for a while now so I bet new baby will learn to likey duckies too!

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