Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fast Fact - I Don't Look Preggo?

Today we went to close on the refi of our house/soon to be rental. E tagged along for the closing because well who doesn't want a toddler to help close on a house! Anyway we were signing (our lives away) and the lawyer looks at E and then looks at Lee and me and asks "So is this your only one?" I look at him and then Lee and I try and not look at him too strangely and say, "Another one will be here in less than a month"

Yes t-minus 30 days! I cannot believe it! I must say I was a bit flattered by the unobservant lawyer as it is a testament to my good eating and exercising regiment. Ha! Silly lawyer.

Editor's note - Lee said it would not be fair to note that the Land's End vest I was wearing could have been a factor in the lawyers perception of my prego-licious state.

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