Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T Minus 9 days!!!

How should I feel now that I am in the single digits of days away from meeting our new family addition? Excited... yes. Nervous... understatement of the year.


Lee and I were looking through pics from when E was born up until now and it is crazy how much she has changed and how she has changed our lives. Cannot imagine what another baby is going to add to the mix. Excited to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Excited to watch E and Papa with new baby!


Hmm.... Why?

Have you ever been through labor and delivery??? If yes then clearly you would understand. Its kinda of traumatic - while its happening and I am hoping to go sans medication. I had Stay-a-dol (or something like that with E - is a narcotic that makes you care less but you still feel everything - trust me).

Will this baby be okay? I just want to see him/her and know that he/she is happy/healthy.

Breastfeeding - will this baby get the hang of it as easy as E did? Hopefully with the help/support from the lactation consultant at the Wil-town hospital (who is SO GREAT!) we can get it figured out

Work... hopefully things will go as smoothly as they did with E but the office has been reconfigured so things should be really interesting / Nani will not be there for general support/baby antics/newspaper/forgotten diapers/rice on sleeping baby ... I will miss this... ALOT

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