Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Southern Belle and her Southern Gentleman!

I think these two pics are from back in Nov 2010

Probably one of my most fav pics

Okay so maybe not really but toddlers can be well-behaved and have good manners. Just take B-man. He and E are twins - except their b-days are a few days off - but who is counting. Before Christmas E and I got together with B and his mama for a morning of food, shopping and flowers.

Early 2011

First B introduced E to dried fruit - mango and apricot. Something that had not even crossed my mind to give E. She is pretty much obsessed with 'mangoooo, mangooo' and we are well on our way to plowing through our second bag. They were so cute eating their snack together. B kept on bringing E more and more snack!

Then we walked/strolled our not-so-babies into Wil-town for some fresh air and to My Cutie Patootie - if you have not found your local kids consignment shop you are missing out big time. I did find a cute little sleep sak for baby #2 for all of $2.50 - new would have easily been $20. E gave that to her little bro/sis for Christmas (and she got a Melissa and Doug music set in return : )

After shopping and mama talk it was time to head home so we took some obligatory pics of our toddlers. I'm not sure how it started but B found a few Dandelions in his yard and picked them and 'gave them' to E. If by gave them I mean tried to be a gentleman and smoothly hand them off to E but E did not reciprocate B-man's gracefulness. Anyways it was insanely cute! Toddlers = AWESOME

B showing us the flower

Going in to give the flower and hugs

E is unfortunately not too interested in the flower : (

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