Thursday, January 12, 2012

T-Minus 28 days for Baby #2 and T-Minus a Hot Minute for Moving?

Today is officially 28 days until this baby comes - which is still mind-boggling. I went to the Dr. yesterday and said all systems are go and baby can come pretty much any time now --- but wait we are moving in less than a week!

The House Hunting process is coming to an abrupt (and welcomed) close so that we can get situated before Baby K #2 comes. I'll post pics from move day when it actually happens. Lee has 100% kept to his word about me not having to pack anything - which has been awesome for me. I just get updates about what has been packed and what is left to be packed - though I think I'll end up doing some stuff in E's room over the weekend because I am responsible for E's room and new baby's room in the new house - which is great!

So things I am trying to get organized about the two rooms I am in charge of:

1. Glider for new baby's room - check. Got that on Craiglist last week and LOVE IT! Expensive glider is totally worth the splurge especially if you can get one used.
2. Crib - TBA. I am checking out options on Craigslist and would like to have something figured out soon
3. Nursery set - PBK (love) has a new line of Dr. Seuss bedding. It is a bit more boy-ish than last season's. I was able to get last season's bumper marked down and I won't need the comforter this winter. I think I have an extra Dr. Seuss Crib sheet but now that our life is in boxes finding that low on my priority list
4. Unfinished small pic frames - I have book covers and scenes from Dr. Seuss books I am going to put up. We actually have them thumbtac-ed to the walls now but I would like to avoid them again. I have looked at Michaels but all their wooden frames are finished and I want to paint the frames with bright primary and secondary colors.

Hmmm... thats pretty much it. Which is perfect-o for me because I am not stressed at all about the move!

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