Friday, January 6, 2012

T-Minus 34 days...

Well well well... just pasted the "We'll see you in 35 days mark yesterday!" Better make that... please stay in for another 35 days mark so that we can get our lives reorganized mark! Had a bit of a nervous scare one night this week when I had some Braxtom-Hicks contractions - pretty much thought I was going to end up in the hospital that night. I did not have these contractions with E so I was kinda freaking out. I think it was also due to the fact that I wanted to go into labor with E (so that I would not have to be induced) but this time I was not ready to go into labor so I was trying to ignore the contractions and not really 'work with them.' Long story short baby #2 did not come (thank the Lord) and the next day at my OB appt he said I need to take it easy - less time on feet / carry E around less - like that is fair to her but she doing okay. 

In other news we have official close and move dates so that is very fun and exciting. I'll post pictures of the new house when its really ours. Good thing I'm not much into this whole nesting thing because there is nothing to nest around this house. Though I have been scoping out Craigslist trying to find a PBK glider - should have saved and spent the money on what I really wanted last time! and a crib/dresser set - either for E or new baby. I have found several I like but with the home purchase looming I am trying to be practical and wait out for the best deal possible.

I have Mommy-date - wait I mean - E has two playdates lined up for the weekend. We are going to lunch today with an MMO buddy - which I TOTALLY spaced out on earlier this week and felt like a complete moron. Fortunately mommies understand mommies but still this baby brain is getting to me! And after some plan changes we are going to meet E's baby shower friend for lunch. We we supposed to go down to Wilmington for the weekend but with vicious and impending illness we decided to keep the germ-ies to a mutual and public space. Basically we need to get the infant carrier and a few other odds and ends from some friends of ours who we have not seen in FOREVER! Also, this will be the weekend E gets to be a forward facer (yes I know I'm doing it early). I'll have to post pics of that because she is not going to know what to do with herself. She was forward facing for all of 15 minutes back in October when I did not want to fight with the Britax in someone else's massive SUV so I figured if we got in an accident we would totally win out and it was just to get pumpkins!

Many pics to follow. I guess I'll be doing an E update soon too!

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