Monday, February 4, 2013

Parking Spots, Pools, and Tears

We had a rough Monday around here. First major crisis was that someone had taken 'our spot' at school. Thanks alot Mr Pickup Truck. E nearly did not willingly get out of the car.

R fell asleep in the car on the way home, as usually though she was up before 3... Mama requires longer naptimes : ) R was way pitiful

E had been anticipating swim class all day... Well Papa got home too late so we could not go. It is Parent and Tot not Parent and TotS. Would not have been possible to take them both so hopefully the Y will be flexible and let us make up the class.. fingers crossed. I pleaded with her and told her that she could wear her bathing suit in the bath tub. Anything to stop the tears and frustration. Nothing. Finally she was over it...

Then she took a shower. I love showers. they are so much easier than baths : )

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