Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday Evening Crisis and 7 am Last Call

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. We spent the night at my parents Friday, went to church first thing Saturday, took early naps, went to a friend's circus themed birthday party in the afternoon and came home zonked out. After a failed attempt to eat dinner - probably due to the cake an hour before - it was bath time. R did okay but was not feeling the best so she was pretty easy.

Then it was E's turn. She was tired so we were giving her a some slack as it was. But, but but... for whatever reason she realized/discovered that the nail polish from our vacation - remember we let her paint her nails - was coming off. No I did not use nail polish remover because there would have been a crisis. Well E had not noticed/cared about her 'nail paint' being off until last night during the bath. The poor kid was inconsolable. We rushed off to the shower to get clean and it has not come up... We are still trying to figure out what triggered that meltdown.

In other news, as we were rushing around the house this morning trying to get out by 7 so we are not late to church. I had this moment of "This is what my mom must have felt like rounding us out of the house to get to Mass on time". Guess things go full circle : )

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