Friday, February 8, 2013

Siete (not so) Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

WOW! We have had an insane week. And I mean pretty crazy so excuse the lengthiness. Well last week ended with seeing my Aunt and Uncle from Europe. We were treated to an exception dinner thanks to Grammy. For dessert there was chocolate and non-chocolate options and you better believe I took advantage of the chocolate option given that Lent is just a few short days away. And yes they were pretty stinking good - and worth every single calorie too: )

Chocolate... yes I have a really bad habit : ) 

--- 2 ---
We survived our birthday party extravaganza and Superbowl family party. E did really well at the party. She was patience enough to not be right in front when the birthday boy was opening his presents. R kinda sat behind the presents and took notes as to how to properly tear into one's birthday presents. Let's see how she does at her party this weekend! Superbowl involved popcorn and Rotel.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of Sunday nights. Downton Abbey. Yes we are slightly obsessed. We caught up on all of season 1 in almost a week's time and we have season 2 ready. Actually we started the first episode of it last night but E is battling this unfortunate cold so we were interrupted. More on that cold situation in a bit.

--- 4 ---
Did I mention I LOVE my routine??? It happens to work so well for keeping me a happy mama. Well Tuesday R had the goops in her eyes. No fever. So no school. Fortunately E was spared - or at least at the time being. R came to work with me at Swimworld. Not a problem. We came home for lunch as usually and I debated a call to the doctor. I decided to wait it out. Well when R woke up she could barely open her eye thanks to the goop crusting her eyelids. Call doctor. Get a call an hour later from the nurse. Explain said situation, Nurse 'Are her eyes swollen" Me "Yes" Nurse, "Oh well if they weren't swollen we could just call you in a prescription but you'll have to come in"... Ugh.... Off to the petri dish of the doctor's office tomorrow.

--- 5 ---
Enter Wednesday... aka... comedy of errors... Actually the comedy began Tuesday night. E and Papa went to dinner at Jibbe's and then to the store and then home. E was thrilled to bring home more 'pillows' aka Mini Wheats and chips - three kinds 'hot' - jalapeƱo, 'warm' - plain and 'red' - baked doritos... along with pita and hummus and milk. Lee and I were slight beside ourselves because E helped unload the groceries and put them in the pantry. Hello are you 2? Okay just checking. Papa took the milk out of the bag only to find the seal was broken - I think Food Lion has a bad batch of milk seals as this is the second one in a week or two. Wednesday morning at 6 as I am getting a head start at work - there is a frustrating comedy of error with a container hauler in Florida that is not worth getting into but seriously it took until 2:30 that afternoon to sort out. Next comedy of errors, I am getting the snacks ready for the doctor's office and low and behold E unloaded the hummus into the pantry... not the frig. Really???? Ahhh yes. Next stop doctor's office with both girls. Not my favorite idea but whatever. No problems at the doctor's office. Then off to Sam's Club for the eye drops prescription. Straight to the pharmacy tell - it will be 10-20 min. Fine. E and R and I shop. Forget to get the Downton Abbey season 2 DVDs. Grrrr... Go back to the pharmacy. "Oh we don't have those drops but we can send it to a Wally World." Okay please send it to the less busy one close to my house. " Oh they don't have it; you'll have to go to the Mount WW". Really? Can't you see you see I have a sick baby and toddler with me. In and out; in and out; in and out. I opt to NOT take the girls to Wally World so R must wait on the prescription and she is way tired too. Yeah that was about 9:30 am. The rest of the day shaped up well. Given those silly hiccups. I know they are not major life problems and ultimately mere inconveniences so I guess it's God's way of reminding me my problems are really not that big of a deal. Take a deep breathe. Respirar profundamente... and get the heck over it.

Oh and E is sick now. So tired that she fell asleep sitting up and kinda plopped over. She is a fighter!

--- 6 ---
Speaking of larger than life problems. Have you ever hear a helicopter and known exactly who was in it and why they were in it and said a prayer as you heard it pass over that you would see this person again??? Well if you have not, and hopefully you never have - it is erie. Basically called up my vecina and asked if I could have/borrow a few dishwasher tabs to get the dishwasher run. Well turns out my vecina's dad - Papa G - had a very random seriousl medical emergency that all went down this morning. Through texts and phone calls I knew he had to be airlifted from the Mount hospital to a bigger one - because it was pretty darn serious. Well this morning at the store the helicopter sounds filled the sky and I knew it was Papa G getting transported to the big hospital (trust me there are not that many helicopters around here - I know that probably make me sound like we live in the sticks but don't judge now : ). Papa G also happens to be a co-worker at the fertilizer j-o-b so I prayed for him and his family all morning but it was different knowing that he was flying over head. Praise the Lord that he made it through surgery - the odds we not in his favor - so remember all those silly problems I mentioned. Yeah - they are not problems. Perspective.

--- 7 ---
And it is time. Lent is here - we have been soaking up cheesy foods all week. Then Sunday night - its on. And I am kind of excited. I did not do the Lenten fast last year - hello nursing mama. And the Advent fast we did not keep as strictly as we will Lent. Let me tell you Pascha/Easter morning is A-W-E-S-O-M-E as least I remember loving it because you get to indulge in all the foods you did not eat for seven weeks. Among other Lenten activities I will have Lee change my password on Facebook and be off for Lent - it is a definite must. I have thought about taking a break from my iPhone - but work is require so maybe I can work something out. I would like to read more. I think The Imitation of Christ is in order as it is short little snippets that can be read at length or in 5 minutes. We have a charitable activity in mind that we may or may not be committing to... We are just hitting the tip of the iceberg so maybe once some sort of commitment is made we'll divulge. For now it is an idea that we have toyed with for a while and we are listening for whispers of the Holy Spirit to guide us on the right path - as always : ) 

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