Friday, February 15, 2013

P,H,F,R - to remember a few moments from today

round button chicken

I'll give this Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real thing a whirl... in no particular order

Today started off kinda rough... I getting over a cold, E had a meltdown - a few in fact, ehhh it just seemed kind of blah-ish

Good Morning World!


R wore a pretty coat I scored at the Wil-town consignment shop. The LL Bean coat retails for $100 and I got it for $13 and I pretty sure it was worn a single time. I also got a jumper for E since she LOVES them and a few long sleeve dresses and a jumper for R - as E's 12-18 month clothes are all summer so I need to extend the wardrobe out a few more weeks.


We had such a great time outside this afternoon. It was in the low 60s and I was super pumped about cycling and walking. Then I realized that I A. left something in my car that had to go out on FedEx and B. I had nothing for dinner. Bummer! So we had a shortened outside time : ( We headed out to FedEx and then to McD's to give the Fish McBites a try -but then I was so happy to remember that OLPH was having a fish fry!!! Sweet! and they accept checks - double score for the mama who carries no cash. R was freaking out because it was time to eat. E was interesting in the fries. Anyway this super nice older lady came over and held R as I stuffed her face and kept her quiet/content : ) The lady was way happy to help - she has 3 grandsons - and we had a nice conversation.


Okay back track to the outside time. E was on the red cycle ( the big cycle) the one that she does not obliterate her shoes because she is forced to use the pedals. We walked/cycled up to S&J's house - our neighbor friends with little boys about 18 months older than E&R respectively. On the way we saw some birds in the grass and trees. E rung her little bell on her cycle. She said 'Mama I beeped the birds' pause 'Mama I ringed the birds' pause 'I ringed that one' pause 'I ringed that one and that one'. Backstory, we beep people in the car. Actually we playfully beep Nani and I can be an aggressive honker when it comes to bad driving but we differentiate between beeping and honking. So we beep Nani on the road, at her house, we beep Nani at BR Global (E says it so cutely), and we beep Nani's crazy puppies. So clearly it would follow we can 'ring the birds'.

Ringing the birds

Also, hilarious R was mad at me that I would not let her crawl on the driveway. She does this crazy spin move and pivots on one knee/leg and does a 90 degree spin. It is an excellent visual. She also did one round of hopscotch with me. She liked it the first time but the second time she was way mad.

Happily bird watching


It is really half way through February?  It is really almost Saturday? For real, I got a jump on the laundry for the weekend so I am way ahead of the eight ball - at least until the girls wake up : )

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