Monday, February 11, 2013

Fish and Frog - Our First 2013 Pool Experience

So I don't have any pics of this adventure. Sorry!!! I knew I would have my hands full with the girls and I knew I'd probably not get out and take any pics this time. I am hopeful for next week. Anyway, the teacher was not there... grrrr... but there was a substitute. She was okay. Better than the subs prior.

E was ready to hop right in the water. She 'swam' after a few of the toys and put on these weird floatie things that are arms float with a chest float all attached - so basically she looked like a frog with her elbow and head out of water and feet and body in the water. She really really enjoyed 'swimming' to get stuff. She even when under - after seeing R do it. She did not want to leave but we told her we'd be back.

Now R was not really sure what in the world was going on. She was mad about her swim diaper but calmed down when we got to the pool. I took her in. She was perplexed by the situation at first. Then she realized that she was buoyant and had a ball. She was kicking and moving her arms like a champ! She preferred to be tummy down in the water but did 'float' on her back a few times. She went under a couple times and was not thrilled but did not scream about it either. By the end she was kicking and trying to blow bubbles. Papa said she was like a fish out of water... more like a fish back in her desired habit.

Cannot wait for next week.

Oh and the locker room floors give me the creeps. I thought I needed to soak my feet in clorox went we got home.. I know I am such a germaphob.

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