Monday, February 25, 2013

Stuff Happens in Threes...

Yesterday afternoon I was horrified when I pulled back the kids shower curtain and was greeted by this  thing.

Well this is actually a pic of post-plumber visit today. The 3rd bathroom is right above the kids bathroom - and it is really not used too much - Lee uses it when he is in his study and does not want to wander back downstairs. Anyway I frantically call Lee who does not answer - of course in the time of crisis he would not! Well long story short the plumber came today and replaced the gasket on the toilet - because the shower has not be used in months! And quick and easy (and probably not so cheapy fix). 

Five minutes after the plumber leaves the termite pest control guy comes to do our annual termite inspection (we live in a swampy area so bugs/lizards - thank goodness no snakes like our house). Well we pass termite inspection and the leak in the ceiling is fixed. Sweet! But then the guy comes to the door and says "You have a leak under the house"... Whoa whoa whoa... Enter frantically run to grab Lee because he understands this stuff. Leak = bad that is about the extent of my knowledge of these kinds of things. 

Wouldn't you know Lee is back on the phone with the plumber... because the water heater is leaking/broken/shot. UGH! Well at least it is plumbed to leak under the house and not in the house right! Well at least our termite guy was scheduled to come today otherwise our hot water heater would have blown up (I don't know if that is the exact visual but it sounds kinda like how I would imagine it.) Anyway Senor Plumber is due back at our house tomorrow to replace that convenient appliance

Which is a darn good thing because I go in and check on R and turn off the light in the kids bathroom and drip.... drip.... drip. 

So does this count as our third 'thing' or is this a resurrection of the first 'thing'... I am hoping for the former and assuming the latter. Ideas/bets on what #3 is going to be? 


  1. Ah, everything bad always happens all at once. always. its a lesson Ive learned in life. i hope your leaks are all fixed and dont come back anytime soon. Atleast you past the bug inspector test. haha
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  2. Oh yes! Thanks. I think we'll owe our plumber an arm and a leg!!!

  3. Oh dear! We had our "3" week a few weeks ago, everything was just falling apart! I'm so glad that we found each other in the blog world, thank your friend for me! I look forward to checking out your recipes!

    1. Yeah its such a bummer! I still am on the look out for the third major break/crisis but with a new hot water heater and two holes in the dry wall (one in the ceiling and one in upstairs hallway) due to the same pinhole leak - I think we might have hit the three!

      Her name is Regina and I think she said she goes to All Saints too!