Thursday, February 28, 2013

P, H, F, R - numero dos

round button chicken

This link up a nice way to break up the week and I really don't have anything particular to be inspired by so... here goes : )


The Y pool was PRETTY cold this week for our final swim lesson. Seriously the girls had chattering teeth half way through. HELLO!!! Turn up the pool heater. Turn up the inside air temp. Oh wait you are on Rocky Mount utilities... Supposedly next week soccer will start for E. Nothing from the real NC about it - which is not a big surprise according to sources familiar with the subject. IDK how things will go. Probably just as cute and hilarious as they did when I coached the Ducks and the Geckos in the Chapel Hill league in college. The question in my projecting the future/ love-to-plan mind... This fall will E choose to take ballet much to the delight of Grammy or my chagrin (not really, I will honestly support whatever she wants, just as my mom did with me) or will she choose something else. Seems like once she has her mind made up about something it is a done deal so I'll be sure not to ask her until about 10 days before otherwise she will be asking about it for months!


R was thrilled earlier this week when we ran out of Chex. She rejects Cheerios in the morning but will eat them as a snack if there happen to be a few left on her tray from breakfast because if you think I can manage to clean her tray after breakfast and get out the door semi-ontime you are loca en the cabeza. So   I was forced to resort to frosted (thank you Papa) mini Wheats (the Food Lion brand because Papa and E like it better). I am pretty sure R has consumed more mini wheats than E over the past two mornings. It is quite impressive. Not that I am opposed to the frosted kind because the girls really don't have much sugar throughout the day and it is a nice disguise for all that fiber - and who does not love a fiber filled diet???


E is obsessed with puzzles and the Elmo puzzle has recycled back through the puzzle stack. She finished it in record time. Then proceeded to inform us of the following:

Cookie Monster eats cookies
Oscar eats cabbage
Abby eats cookies
Grover eats tomatoes
Big Bird eats chicken nuggets


Yes those are real holes in the ceiling and hallway thanks to that nice little pin hole leak in the supply line of the upstairs bathroom. Other than the fact that we are BFF with our plumber because he fixed that and replaced our water heater in the span of less than 24 hours - I am kinda not looking forward to that bill...

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