Saturday, February 9, 2013

Real Life - Laundry

This was from a while ago but I still LOVE it!

I have blogged a few times about the piles of laundry that gets washed on a weekly basis and the crazy amount of laundry post family trip. But here is the things... I like doing laundry. 

I like organizing the piles and loading it up. It is actually even fun to watch E help. Seriously I do not like when other people - including Lee - do laundry. It is therapuetic. It is organizable. I cannot explain it.

I like doing all the laundry on one day. Saturdays. I like to conquer all the loads and have nothing left. Again I don't know why either.

I get tripped up with a few things though. Folding is not bad but Lee's prefers if I fold immediately upon exiting the dryer as there are fewer wrinkles. Sometimes that does not always happen. 

Also it is a rare occasion that every laundry load is washed, dried, folded and put away. I usually run out of steam around 7 pm and there might be a load left in the washer and dryer until Monday.

I really really really try to not do laundry on Sundays. 

I have a policy - I will do laundry but I will not put it away. Yes I put my clothes away and the girls clothes away - for now. I do not like putting towels away but I have been caught doing it a few times.

Winter laundry is bigger - more clothes, more layers. Summer laundry is dirtier. Concrete, blue glue, mud, clay, sand, chalk - it has been on our clothes.

I have been washing a load of the girls pajamas mid-week because we layer up the girls at night and pajamas don't always smell amazing the next morning though I try and recycle if breakfast has not made it on them.

Anyone else have a laundry-loving thing :  ) 


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  1. We are exact opposite! C does most of the laundry, and I put it all away. I get my satisfaction from organizing and seeing it put away.

    1. That's awesome! I seriously get annoyed when Lee does his laundry. Not that he shouldn't do it. I just like doing it and I cannot stand the way he folds shirts. If he does do laundry though (which may or may not happen over the summer in his desperation for a clean work shirt) he weeds out my stuff. : )

  2. Yeah... laundry is not my forte. I currently have an overflowing hamper in the nursery. It will get done... later.

    1. Laundry is way overrated... that is attitude towards it every other day of the week except Saturdays! I'll probably have to get on it this week... since we'll be crazy busy this weekend. If only I could get myself in the washing mood every morning and get a load or two in. Ehhh! That would make Saturday way less exciting...