Friday, April 12, 2013

7 QT's... Rapid/Random Fire

--- 1 ---

A few minutes ago I just did something random... And semi-expensive... But I think I got a good deal... if I actually follow through on it and now that I have $65 invested in it I guess I will definitely have to get myself in gear...

I signed up for a .5 marathon... its in a year but still it sounds fun and hopefully I won't regret it

--- 2 ---
Have you ever colored with your toddler? I think it is very soothing... E and I colored for about 30 minutes before bed... It was a nice way to wind down and spend time with her and do something that she wanted to do on her terms.

--- 3 ---
Sprinkler time has been all the rave this week. I think E thinks that it is going to be a permanent part of outside time... Papa come on let's get those sandboxes filled up. I am tired of pulling up weeds. Ahhhh... my grass has so many dang weeds in it.

--- 4 ---
Speaking of sandboxes and yard... Our backyard has some timeline complications. I told Papa E's birthday cannot be discussed until I know when 1. the 20x20 leaf pile will be burned. 2. The stump and massive mosquito water haven will be no longer a mini-lagoon 3. When the pig cooker and pit will be moved into the back corner of the yard. Don't worry I have a back up plan but he'll have to foot the bill for it : )

--- 5 ---
Speaking of Papa... and the summer laundry. Oh summer laundry. I have At least two additional weekly loads of laundry during the summer. The crazy dirty work clothes that have to be on the heavy soil, presoak, extra rinse, stain cycle with Tide pods and double detergent and double the fabric softener AND the white socks load (in addition to the regular to be bleached whites - undershirts, towels, and normal dirty socks). The white socks that Papa brings home is a testament to the hard work he does and the variety of tasks that he does... Red clay - typical dirt but very hard to get out, Blue glue - for pipes that is straight up impossible to remove, white tacky silicon glue can be picked off but who has time to do that, and finally E's favorite - concrete... yah about that.

--- 6 ---
Monday is our first Fireflies soccer game... I'm adding a soccer rule for this kiddos... Listening ears!

--- 7 ---
Oh man I am so glad this Friday almost out of time. Today and this week have been an interesting one with E. We are at the non-compliance part of obeying/listening whatever. I realize she is only almost 3 BUT she will look at me, hear me ask her to do something (not horribly outlandish - brush teeth, put shoes on etc) sooo.... come on super moms what do you do? We are currently working through - gently reprimanding, raised voice reprimanding, time out in room, taking privileges away etc AND most importantly PRAISING immediately when compliance is done when first asked and done fully.

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  1. I color too. I use adult coloring books with different designs. I colored during the lunch break when I was taking the Bar. Resets the mind, without stressing it out.