Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swingset Conundrum

Swingset are like a right of passage... for kids and now I am starting to believe for parents too. Growing up EVERYONE in our neighborhood had a swing set. All were different all were put to good afternoon imagination use.

So the time has come... or at least we think... to get a swingset for the Kibbe backyard. Here is where the right of passage thing comes in as parents - we have to decide which one to get. Seriously I think we have been in discussion about a swingset for almost a year. I have not seen too many swingsets recently but honestly the ones I have seen have not be overly impressive as I question they might not stand the test of time (or last more than 3 or 4 summers). Sams Club, Wally's, Lowes all have interesting/fun looking swingsets complete with multiple swings, that double horsey thing, slides, climbing walls... the works. All in the reasonable $500-$800 range. However, E was on one before we moved and it was a little on the creaky and shaky side after 2.5 years - not lying.

Also the boys up the street got one put up over the weekend and the directions for installation state '20-24 hours for assembly'! Ha! If you know my hubby at all you would no that anything like that is now officially not going in our backyard.

So I looked at this Leonard Play Fort. It is small and about $500 but cannot have anything added to it AND those crazy people will not call me back about the climbing wall versus the stairs!

Then there is the plastic option which WILL stand up for longer than the wood - or at least I think - still $500 for something E will only be interested in for a couple more years. There is a plastic and a large wooden set at church and her overwhelming preference is the wooden set so I think she has axed that one.

So now it comes down to this - or at least in my mind - why spend $600 on something you know will last for 3-4 years and might even need to be replaced (because swingsets are used up until 8-10 range, right) when you can save your $$$ and buy something with a Lifetime Limited Warranty - that comes assembled?  Well the answer is we would likely have to wait out another summer to save up some pennies for a pricier one BUT I cannot justify spending money on something less than good quality to satisfy 'in the mean time'. Am I totally over thinking this? I happen to think not but I know its entirely possible.

Oh and we have looked on Craigslist... Anything that has to be A. Disassembled and B. Reassembled is pretty much a no brainer out of the questioner....

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  1. we were just having the same conversation. We'd like to get one also, but we have to get rid of our Fire Ants first... Also, first is a Power Wheels thing for David... Not too happy about spending that kind of money on David, but I was thinking maybe it might be okay. Good thing you have neighbors that are nice and share their toys!

    1. It is so annoying because you want it to last... So I think we are going to bite the bullet and get a more expensive one that can be added on to... Power wheels... you are brave. Let me tell you about the silly boys up the street and their power wheels...